Point Pleasant Beach Council Concerned About Alcohol Sales, Distribution In Town

On Tuesday night, the Point Pleasant Beach Council heard a range of reports stemming from increased summer crowds and alcohol-related activity.

Mayor Vincent Barrella
Mayor Vincent Barrella

Point Pleasant Beach officials say they've become increasingly concerned about local establishments that either want to, or not supposed to serve alcohol.

During council's Tuesday meeting, Mayor Vincent Barrella voiced his concern over suspected suspicious activity at a local motel.

The mayor said there is speculation that a certain Point Pleasant Beach motel has been serving alcohol to its guests. The mayor, however, declined to provide the name of the hotel at the public meeting, and did not offer additional details on the initial report of the incident.

Barrella did mention, however, that he was informed that the establishment, which does not have a liquor license or have the authority to sell alcoholic beverages, was serving guests at the pool.

Meanwhile, the council is considering whether wine can be sold at Prime 13 on Arnold Avenue.  The Council heard from an employee of Domenico Winery, who has applied for a liquor license to sell select wines to patrons at the steakhouse.

Borough ordinance prohibits two liquor licenses to be situated within 500 feet of each other.  If approved, the license would violate the proximity ordinance.

“The issue is respecting our own ordinance,” Barrella said.  “When you amend it, you open up a whole can of worms.”

Council President William Mayer added that while “the restaurant is inventive…we don’t want to encourage more liquor licenses.”

Jack Kennell July 21, 2014 at 03:16 PM
Rick Ricky (whoever you are) has zeroed in almost to bulls eyes on his comments about police and school. This man should be listened to carefully. Food for thought: Why does PPB have more court revenues than Asbury Park with its 4Xpopulation and 5Xpolice officers than PPB. Why does Wildwood with same population and land area have less than half court revenues than PPB? Could it be "
Jack Kennell July 21, 2014 at 03:49 PM
Rick Ricky (whoever he is) has zeroed in with his comments on police and school almost to bulls eyes. This man should be listened to. Food for thought: Why does PPB have more court revenues than Asbury Park with its 4Xpoplation and 5Xpolice officers? Why does Wildwood with the same population and land area as PPB have less than half the court revenues as PPB? Could it be there exists police revenue-enhancing "nitpicking", on both tourists and locals alike? I myself have an OPRA in with the PPB school district which they could fill out in about 20 minutes about enrollments. No answer. What are they hiding?
benny July 22, 2014 at 07:45 AM
This thread is really uneducated and funny. It's amazing how some peoples hatred towards the schools and police come out. These comments go completely off topic of the story. The story was about a hotel serving alcohol without a license, which is illegal. Amazingly, some of you condone these actions then bash the PD, schools,and council. One of you can't even type a literate sentence and another one of you is commending this buffoon for being "bulls eye" with the illiterate comments. Bottom line is we have and had a great school system. Our police department does a great job with what they have to deal with up on the boardwalk. The element up there was created by the Jenkinsons owners. And the full time residents should not be told to move because they don't like what's going on near their homes,they should be supported and something needs to be done.
Old Guy July 22, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Bravo, Benny.
Jack Kennell July 23, 2014 at 02:18 AM
If that guy is a "buffoon", he's the most intelligent and perceptive buffoon I ever saw. By default, I guess I am the "buffoon" for complaining about the taxes which don't seem to be justified for the public services we get. Technically you are correct, by the way what is the motel they are talking about?


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