Need Help Shoveling? Check Out 'Snow Crew' Map For Help or to Volunteer

Post a request or offer help shoveling

Faced with snow drifts more than a foot high, those ill or unable to shovel out of the storm may find local help thanks to "Snow Crew," a map created to match volunteers willing to shoveling with those that need assistance.

"Please help dig my elderly parents out," posts one request for assistance on Sharon Drive in Toms River. People are looking for help in Lakewood, Jackson and elsewhere. Volunteers can create a "watch area" to see who is looking for help nearby.

The map widget, created by Joseph Porcelli, SnowCrew "matches neighbors who are elderly, disabled, sick, injured, pregnant with nearby neighbors who can and want to shovel them out after snowstorms."  SnowCrew is currently activated for the entire storm region of the east coast, but the widget can be localized to a neighborhood or ZIP Code.

Click here for the complete instructions and disclaimers. 

Neighbors for Neighbors, a nonprofit helping community members communicating, created a SeeClickFix map allowing residents to request help after the latest snowstorm. 

SeeClickFix is a platform allowing users to create maps reporting local problems, such as potholes or problem intersections. Neighbors for Neighbors' SnowCrew effort is designed for elderly or disabled residents to ask for help and for their neighbors to volunteer to assist them.

Using the embedded map above, click the green "Report an issue" button to request shoveling help. To offer assistance, click one of the red issue balloons and click the "Comments/Change Issue Status" link.
. January 22, 2014 at 10:23 AM
Try Craigs list for someone to shovel. Last time that is how I found someone and he just came here again today. I was hesitant at first, but he is very reliable. He is all booked now, but there might be someone else.


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