UPDATE: Point Boro Police To Add 3 Officers, Citing Need To Tackle Heroin Abuse

Point Boro Police Chief Lawrence Williams will be able to add three more police officers to the department.
Point Boro Police Chief Lawrence Williams will be able to add three more police officers to the department.
Point Pleasant Boro plans to add three police officers, bringing the department to 46 officers - which is at the same level the department was in 2002, Mayor William Schroeder said.

The Borough Council authorized on Tuesday night that Police Chief Lawrence R. Williams to "conditionally offer employment for three Police Officers."

Council members noted that heroin abuse was a big problem in the borough. Five Ocean County municipalities were among the top 20 with the most heroin abuse cases in New Jersey during 2012. Point Pleasant Borough was 36th on the list, according to state data.

"We have a nationwide drug epidemic that shows now boundaries," said Council President Robert Sabosik.

Councilman Christopher Leitner said heroin abuse was "plaguing our community" but commended the police department for the increase in arrests.

Schroeder said the prospective hires will get the police department's staffing to where it was after a series of retirements had diminished the ranks.  Traffic safety was another factor behind the hires and Schroeder noted a surge in ticket writing the last four months after four recent graduates from the academy were able to patrol on their own.

Schroeder said the officers will put the police department in a better position to help with the schools and to educate seniors about risks of medication interactions.

Williams will now be able review the applicants for a position and commence the interview process, Schroeder said.

Scott March 23, 2014 at 05:19 PM
Not every town has the same amount of specific calls for police. The number per 10,000 residents is irrelevant. Point pleasant is 3.2 sqmi. Squeeze 21,000 people in to that and you will have different types of calls for police then if you took those 21,000 people and put them in a 10 sqmi town. I remember looking a few years ago and reading that point pleasant was in the top 10 towns for most domestic violence incidents. EVERY TOWN IS DIFFERENT!!!! And that APP article is a joke, comparing a teachers job to a cop. Look at a police budget and try to compare it to a budget for a 40 hour a week job. It's impossible to compare because the police budget covers 168 hours for 1 week. They work weekends, holidays, overnight shifts. And now I'll bounce to property taxes. They are high because property is high in NJ. I could sell my house here and buy 2 houses in another state, identical to the one I sold in NJ, and still have money left over. And police budgets are not responsible for property tax hikes. It's the school taxes!!!!
FIMF the ll March 23, 2014 at 05:43 PM
Sorry Scott, but I think you missed the finer points of the article. Your premise on why property taxes are the highest in the nation is flawed and should not single out either the voracious police and teacher unions, but rather ALL public takers across the board. 'Extortion'', I believe it's called.
Laura March 23, 2014 at 07:21 PM
Agree, FIMF. In this county the Republicans are in control but in other counties, it's the Democrats. It's all self-interest. It doesn't have anything to do with ideology. Follow the money.
jackson jackson March 25, 2014 at 07:54 PM
Council President Robert Sabosik is not informed about drug usage statistics in this country. The United States correct? The problem Illinois, New York, New Jersey and a few other Northeastern states are have with heroin is localized and mostly in these states. There's no huge spike in heroin overdoses or trafficking in the rest of the country. Its the local police and government agencies that have not been able to dynamically deal with Mexican and Colombian drug cartels from moving into our backyards. The police can't stop international drug cartels. Especially local law enforcement. They don't even know how these organizations work. Its all a waste of tax dollars.
Jack Kennell March 25, 2014 at 11:17 PM
Being a taxpayer in both towns the Boro and the Beach (which is unusually overstaffed). I myself naturally have a keen interest in this subject. The recent blog by "Jackson" is particularly insightful and appears to finally refute the local drug premises. (It's possible that "Jackson" may be in a drug enforcement agency.) It looks like the blogger "Laura" after several insightful comments has finally resorted to drawing a picture: This affair could be some kind of political payoff. (Dumb me - I thought it was only about "job seekers".) One blogger a while back expressed concern that they might be writing superfluous tickets to justify their existence which will no doubt occur. Parkinson's Law of bureaucracy has been rampant for several years now in the Beach which is overstaffed by about 9 off-season. Stops many with tickets for the slightest infractions, real or imaginary. Against residents and taxpayers no less because there are not enough strangers to go around off-season. It's counter productive, the harassment of the very people that pay the bills!


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