Point Pleasant Beach Council Discusses Improvements: Water Quality, Hydrants

Point Pleasant Beach council members, during its Tuesday meeting, discussed making improvements in water quality, curb cuts and hydrants.

According to council members, a water test was done in the area and the results showed high amounts of iron in the water.

A proposal was requested for engineers to start a mapping system that will cost $44,000, council members say.

“I think this issue is important and I want to keep a focus on it,” Mayor Vincent Barrella says.

Council members also said that a number of issues involving curb cuts have come before council. 

One suggestion was made about giving people opportunity to apply for a variance if they felt they needed a second curb cut in their property.

Barrella, however, said, “We should not be approving curb cuts or expansion of curb cuts if they affect on-street parking.”

Council members also said they are looking for authorization to proceed with the replacement of the fire hydrant at 196 Baltimore Ave, although it could be costly.

The town, however, is having trouble with the fire hydrant located at 206 Randall Ave.  It will cost the town over $4,000 to relocate the hydrant themselves.

The relocation of the hydrant will enable an extra parking spot on a very crowded street, council members say.

In other matters, officials noted that work has been done on police substations and new ATM’s are up and running on the boardwalk, council members say.


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