Chamber Event at Martell's Canceled

Martell's changed its mind to allow mayor into event, but some honorees were already cancelling


A decision to cancel the Point Beach Chamber of Commerce installation dinner to honor local first responders and public works employees at Martell's was made Thursday afternoon due to some honorees cancelling, says the chamber president.

"Some of the honorees said it's in their best interest not to attend because of the political climate," said Chamber President Lynne Mahoney, who was to end her tenure as president and turn the reins over to Ed Brannagan, Martell's manager, on Saturday night. She added she did not know the percentage of honorees who had canceled.

"The political climate" involved

Scott Bassinder said the mayor's remarks about his father "hit a nerve," that Barrella owed his father an apology and that he felt compelled to let him know he was not welcome.

Apparently, that made some of the first responders and municipal employees have second thoughts.

"Some of them said they needed to remain neutral and we understand that," said Mahoney, owner of "We didn't know if we would be able to have the mayor read the proclamations honoring first responders."

Barrella had also been scheduled to swear in the new chamber officers and directors.

Only a few hours before the chamber notified Patch, Scott Bassinder emailed Patch saying, "I've changed my mind and will let him in but I feel he still owes my dad an apology."

But apparently some honorees had canceled by the time news began circulating that Bassinder had a change of heart.

Mahoney said she is disappointed that the chamber will not be publicly honoring the first responders and staff Saturday night.

"We really wanted to honor the first responders who did such a great job after Sandy," Mahoney said. "They don't get enough thanks, which they deserve. We'll still give them plaques so they know they're appreciated."

There were many members of the police and Emergency Management departments and volunteers with the Point Pleasant First Aid and Emergency Squad and Fire Department who put themselves in harm's way to rescue residents from flood waters, transport them to hospitals, shelters and temporary homes, feed them and clothe them.

That was despite that many of them saw their own homes and the firehouse on Arnold Avenue flood.

The municipal Public Works Department employees, who were also to be honored Saturday night, have been widely praised by elected officials and many business owners for doing an exemplary job clearing the roads of sand and mountains of debris in Sandy's messy aftermath.

Mahoney said the chamber will have a small installation dinner to install officers and directors within the next week or so.

The time, date and place are still to be determined, said Carol Vaccaro, chamber executive director, who will be setting up the new event.

Mahoney, who has been president for three years, a year longer than the official term of two years, said the chamber had not yet paid Martell's.

The dinner was not to be a fundraiser for the chamber, but an installation dinner dance to honor the first responders and employees and to install new officers and directors.

"We've had this installation dinner for 66 years, it's something we look forward to all year," Mahoney said.

The chamber had a fundraiser, which drew a large crowd, at Europa South on Wednesday night to raise money to advertise the town to help draw tourists this summer.

Vaccaro said anyone who has already paid for an installation dinner ticket can get a full refund at the chamber office at 517A Arnold Avenue. For more information, call the office at (732) 899-2424 or email info@pointpleasantbeachnj.com

Steve February 11, 2013 at 05:15 AM
Right... Separate? I don't think so....More like influence the outcome.
Karl February 11, 2013 at 03:01 PM
The new norm is for towns to rip the residents off. How dare you ask questions and expect honest answers.
Jersey Shore Grinch February 11, 2013 at 07:33 PM
The ethical slide down the slippery slope doesn't start with an elected official's chosen profession or employment but with what he/she does with their elected position to enhance their professional position. Every elected or appointed official has an absolute right to earn a living. Anything wrong with Corbally advertising his business? No. Anything wrong with him advertising that he is a sitting councilman? If that is true, you bet there is a problem and he should stop right away because of the appearance that securing his services may result in a greater benefit to the customer through his official position. Any problem with Jack Pasola servicing his customers? Of course not, especially since his business was/is in Point Pleasant. But, in either case, if, while serving the public in their elected capacity it became apparent that they were being placed in a conflict position by prior business dealings, all of which can happen, what are they supposed to do? Pretty simple even for you to understand. Disclose the conflict to the attorney and council and seek guidance. That's called ethical transparency. Your suggestion that human beings have the ability to separate their business interests from their personal interests is laughable. I don't have a problem with the boardwalk businesses. It just so happens that's where the big money is and where the ethically-strapped vultures circle over until finding a financial carcass to swoop down on.
Jersey Shore Grinch February 11, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Carroway: If Corbally's representation is accurate, that is the way to handle it. I'll leave it to you to decide if he is being truthful. One thing is for certain. Corbally will never be able to maintain that he was unaware of a potential conflict situation in the future because he is direct with his response. Shucks, even Reid is aware of how to handle conflict situations. You can't possibly be suggesting that he is smarter than Lurie, are you? You can love Lurie all you want. That's your prerogative. But, what he did was wrong and trying to justify it in the name of "business as usual" is troubling and dangerous for the community.
Nick Carraway February 11, 2013 at 09:00 PM
I just copied this from the Barefoot Realty website. It's under the tab "Who is Barefoot?" I have omited one paragraph, to comply with Patch posting restraints: "So a councilman, an Italian Ice guy and a film producer walk into an office… …and we end up figuring out that this town could use another Real Estate Agency. And we’re just the trio to do it!... They bring a varied background into the Barefoot office. Kim has built a film production resume that includes work on The Departed, The Interpreter and Public Enemies, among others. Mike has been a successful business owner and is a current PPB councilman. Doug grew up in Long Branch and has worked..."


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