New Cable Lineup, Philly HD Feeds for Brick, Point Boro And Beach

Comcast will discontinue some old channels numbers, carry HD feeds of Philadelphia local stations

Are you an Eagles football fan? Do you get your weather forecast from Cecily Tynan on Action News or Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz of NBC 10?

If so, you'll be able to see all three in HD by the end of this week.

Comcast of Ocean County will fulfill a longtime request of many of its local customers by adding the high definition feeds of the local network television stations broadcast from Philadelphia. The addition, as well as some other changes, are set to go into effect Friday.

Comcast – and the companies which preceded it in most of Ocean County – has always offered the feeds of both New York City and Philadelphia network stations, however until now, they've carried the Philadelphia stations in standard definition only.

The largest constituency of viewers will doubtlessly be local Philadelphia Eagles fans, who have been relegated to the standard definition feed for most of the Birds' games since HD viewing quickly became mainstream over the course of the past decade.

In addition to the Philadelphia high-def feeds, Comcast will add WLNY and WLNY-HD, a Long Island station owned by CBS, to the Ocean County lineup. The Aspire channel, Jewish Life TV, Crime & Investigation, Military History Channel, ESPN Goal Line, Pac12 Network and World Fishing Network will also be added to digital and sports packages.

The company will also tweak the local lineup of high definition channels. For many years, high-def channels were carried in the high 100s and 200s, but last summer, many were duplicated in the 800s-1000s range when a slew of new channels were added to the overall lineup.

On Friday, the old lower-numbers lineup will go away. We've attached a PDF file of the new lineup to this article, but tuning in the major network HD feeds shouldn't be too hard to remember. They are:

WCBS (2, CBS) - 802
KYW (3, CBS) - 903
WNBC (4, NBC) - 804
WNYW (5, FOX) - 805
WPVI (6, ABC) - 906
WABC (7, ABC) - 807
WWOR (9, MyTV) - 809
WCAU (10, NBC) - 910
WLNY (10, Ind.) - 810
WPIX (11, CW) - 811
WPHL (17, MyTV) - 907
WTXF (29, FOX) - 905

The company said in a media release that keeping the HD lineup together, rather than dispersed in different channel ranges, will make it easier on customers. The same goes for placing network affiliate HD channels on numbers that correspond with their heritage dial placement.

Comcast's Ocean County system includes Brick, Point Pleasant Boro, Point Pleasant Beach, Bay Head and Mantoloking. Similar changes will take place in the Toms River system, which stretches from Toms River to Little Egg Harbor, the LBI system, which covers all of the communities on Long Beach Island.

WMS826 August 16, 2012 at 01:18 AM
What dope decided this. So no more going from 2-4-7 when a hot news story is on. I do not have a high def set so I now have to dial 3 digits to watch network TV
TimeForChange August 16, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Funny, no one seems to be to concerned that Acropolis gave Comcast a 15 year contract, yet there are plenty of posts complaining about how many numbers have to be "dialed" (if your dialing, you are still watching Lost in Space), Comcast's charges etc... The bottom line is that if you don't like the cost, don't buy the product. What you should be mad at is that Acropolis gave Comcast immunity from cable competition for 15 years! FIOS is not everywhere and, as one post pointed out, they halted their efforts to wire the rest of Brick. Direct TV or DISH or the only other options that I am aware of and their costs are right up there. You just put out more initially as you purchase your boxes and pay for the service.
nan August 16, 2012 at 10:01 PM
The contracts over the years have always been 15 years. This contract is non exclusive because Verizon won its fight for statewide approval as opposed to town by town. "We the people" should demand Verizon fulfill their plan. We have to demand the Legislators hold their feet to the fire.
Joseph Woolston Brick September 02, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Nan for as long as I have lived in Brick which is forever, I never heard of a 15 year contract being signed for any of the cable companies. They used to be relatively short like 5 or so. Not 15.
TimeForChange September 02, 2012 at 05:18 AM
nan, all previous Comcast contracts were for 5 years. This is the first that was given for 15 years.


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