After Sandy, The Wait For Help Goes On ... And On

As Congress sits on the rest of its $60 billion payout for the Jersey Shore, residents and business people struggle to cope with what they have left

You can still find things here, at the Shore, that you can't find anywhere else, stuff even a "superstorm" couldn't tear away.

Stuff that's stuck together with splintered planks and rusty nails, the kind you see sticking up in those few sections of the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk that remain intact.

You can still find a boardwalk in Ocean City that's a throwback, with its old-time towny movie theater and church-carnival amusement rides so charming, so authentic that even Disney couldn't recreate it. You still have the sand of Long Beach Island and Cape May that's mattress-soft; soup at a Ship Bottom restaurant that's New England-thick.

You can still find things here, at the Shore; for sure. There just isn't a lot of it left, or looking like it used to, after Hurricane Sandy blew through here and knocked most of it down.

Now local officials say there's not a whole lot of money - if any money - to spend to patch it back up. Whatever action they've been promised has undergone delay after delay, keeping the thousands of flooded-out Bayville homeowners without a home; and the many abandoned businesses with red Xs tattooed on their windows - and with little more than water-logged inventory - without anything to sell.

"That kind of delay is not going to be devastating, but it sends a bad message," said Mayor Vincent Barrella, mayor of Point Pleasant Beach, whose boardwalk was ruined by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.

Barrella is looking at a $3 million-plus price tag to fix perhaps the borough's oldest and most important asset of its economy; and, not only that, its most enduring symbol as a Jersey Shore resort.

"The closer we push this to Memorial Day, the harder it makes to get things up and running," he said.

Those who live in homes with no floors or windows, who own businesses with no inventory or anything left, just keep waiting. And waiting. And waiting, every day, for more than 60 days now. Nearly three months, they've been waiting for some breakthrough, some word from local officials, news reporters, anybody, that Congress is going to step in, and protect them like they believe they should. Step in, and protect the people and their livelihoods, like President Obama says the government is obligated to do.

They're waiting for Congress to pass the rest of a $60 billion payout that could help bring them back up to speed, or at least get them on the road for getting there. Last week, Congress passed $9.7 billion of it. Next week, they promise to pass another $50 billion.

Only they've made these promises before, the residents, and the merchants, and the local officials all say. So the people who live and work in the Jersey Shore, who stand around, looking at their houses that fell like cards when 80 mph winds blew through in late October, just keep doing what they're used to doing:


"The ripple effect is going to impact all of us," said tax attorney Jeff J. Horn of Toms River. "That's the basics. It is going to cost all of us a couple of bucks."  

In some towns, the boardwalks are still woodpiles, stacked like kindling at the Manasquan Inlet. The synthetic ones, like the Belmar boards, were supposed to last a long time, and weather the bad storms.

In Hurricane Sandy, the planks were pulled right from their pilings, and flung across Ocean Avenue in Belmar.

There are some spots that survived, or at least stayed the way they were, like many of the businesses that serve seafood near the Manasquan Inlet in Point Beach. Much of LBI seems to have weathered the worst after flooding rose to scary levels in Ship Bottom. Ocean City's boardwalk has retained its early 20th century charm.

Even a few sections of the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk seem tightly nailed-together. It's just that so much of what hasn't floated away has simply buckled under.

"We have a contractor (to fix it), and he has indicated he'll be done by Easter, but the boardwalk is pretty much gone," Barrella said.

The worst are the homes, the ones that look nothing like Tony Soprano's seaside resort home, or the Bob Brennan Brielle home that used to shine the Christmas lights every year, with yachts tied to the slips that float in their lagoons.

This could be the image that people have of the Shore, of a rich old place with old money, tainted by a group of MTV performers who, many believe, merely made their dough by going on T.V. and mocking Italian stereotypes. Why give them more, they could be asking.

But there are so many more who work in Ocean County Mall, hocking cheap jewelry at a hallway stand, or trying to get people to buy at a Ford that's sitting in the middle of the floor, with kids climbing through the seats.

Then there are the ones who work at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, working long hours there, or at the Wawas that go 24 hours straight. Many of them can't even go home, because their homes are missing floorboards, with mold spots peppering up the wall paneling, spreading higher than their arms can reach.

When people don't want the bill to pass, saying there's too much "pork" in it, the homeowners, the renters, the merchants who are suffering say this. They just want help, packaged in whatever way possible.

"I cry everyday," said Margaret Quinn, whose family lost their home when Hurricane Sandy flooded Silverton. "There's nothing there and there's nothing we can do about it."

Many live on the Barrier Island, in the small, two bedroom cottages that line Seaside Heights and Ortley Beach. They earn middle-class pay, at best. When they had their homes, they grew used to the sirens blaring outside their windows as cops rush to the Seaside Heights boardwalk on a busy summer night.

Since the storm, they've been biding their time in shelters, or at friends' houses, sending their kids to schools in other towns, if they're sending them at all.

FEMA struggles to help. But FEMA can't do much while it sits on the $60 billion egg that Congress hasn't fully cracked.

It's the kind of money that Congress approved just two or three weeks after Katrina in New Orleans, or Andrew in Florida. But at the Shore, it's been nearly three months of temporary shelters. Three months of people sleeping on somebody else's couch. Three months of promises made, they said. Three months of being told, "Not yet, but soon."

"I have to say I'm still very upset and I think it's deplorable that the Speaker (of the House) did not bring this ($60 billion) bill up and the whole package that addresses Hurricane Sandy relief in the lame duck session in the last days of Congress," said U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, D-Monmouth and Middlesex.

"It would have been passed. We had the votes. It would have been on the president’s desk. He would have signed it, and we would have started to rebuild the shore."

And even once the money is doled out, they say, there's still a ways to go.

The people here will tell you: The Shore was never the land of stony palaces, the palatial landscape it's been made out to be.

Sure, you can see the sun rise from the water from a window in any house in Beach Haven West. But you can only feel its heat a few months a year. In the winter, you couldn't get a boat into a rock-hard, frozen-stiff lagoon in Beach Haven West if you had a jackhammer.

Many of these homes don't have walls that are made of marble and brick. They're more like the one I lived in, back in the 1990s, when you could feel the damp, chilly air seep through the cheap wall paneling we picked up from Home Depot. That wall paneling didn't stop the wind from seeping through the flimsy sheet rock.

In the winter, many of the bars are so empty, and the beaches so barren that some locals call it the "void," the time when the people, the money and the region's largest industry - tourism - disappears. Business people bide their time, coming up with Polar Bear Plunges and any kind of stunt, to get somebody patronizing the places until they all come back.

Only this void we're in now is probably going to be longer, deeper than what we've ever been in. And we'll hopefully never again feel what some call "this bad dream" like we're feeling it now.

"We're going to get this (Point Beach boardwalk), repaired at, hopefully, no cost to the taxpayer," Barrella said. "But getting up-and-running is important. It's important for the town because it sends a message to the town."

Time will tell. At Barnacle Bill's in Ortley Beach, dozens of arcade cabinets, pinball machines, and crane games, all of them destroyed by flooding ocean water, were pulled out to the sidewalk creating a video game graveyard of sorts.

Will the place recreate it the way it was, and keep its old-fashioned charm?

Time will tell.

"We're trying to survive now," Bill's owner Bill Petruzel said "We're not just trying to make money, a profit. It's all about surviving."

susan January 11, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Hey, Joseph, that would be Mr. President to you. He is the one trying to help us. It is the Republican Congress who is denying us. When is the last time you read a newspaper or watched a non-Fox news station? Aren't you ashamed that you don't even have the courage to stand up like a man and admit you hate him because you are prejudiced?
Kurt January 11, 2013 at 09:05 PM
In Florida we are very venerable to hurricanes that cause million in damage and displace folks. The large majority of us have government flood insurance. WHY? We live on the coast like many New Jersey and New Yorkers. So why are you all looking for so much help? Why is all our tax money so involved and so many expect the government to fix it all for them? That is not what the government is for. Here we store tarps so we can tarp our own roofs. We moved ourselves to relatives and to motels while our insurance companies made their estimates and hired contractors to replace and repair. Sandy was predicted for nine days to hit hard on the NE coast and most ran out to buy beer and pizza for the hurricane party. FEMA should have been hard pressed by all to get their act together as they failed miserably while you fools listened to your Obama, Como and Christy making reckless promises they where not about to keep. We work hard for our emergency supplies. We save for our back up generators and for stored rations of food, water and fuels needed incase of Storms. Most Floridians are ready to best of our abilities for an emergency and we do not wait to see what will happen and who is going to ride in from Washington on a Whitehorse. As far as that $60 billion dollar bill that is stuffed with $30 billion leftwing pork, forget it! Christies, Como and Obama you should had demanded and received FEMA HELP long ago and held their feet to the fire.
SaltyJoe January 11, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Obama has the bully pulpit. How do you think he got the healthcare reform bill through. If he wanted he could push Congress to get the proper funding to the devastated areas. As to the republicans blocking funding they blocked it because of all of the pork for other states and things that had nothing to do with Sandy. Fisheries in Alaska? New roof for the Smithonian? When the bill got split and only contained funding for the affected areas the republicans jumped on board. You need to read and listen to other sources besides the liberal media.
grace January 11, 2013 at 11:49 PM
someone said obama hates rich people i dont think thats the case but he certainly doesnt care for hard working white people, seems if you do nothing in this country you are now being rewarded..whats with this entitlement stuff come on now
barbara January 12, 2013 at 12:07 AM
Thanks TR Voice of Reason, sure you are right. But, what is one more thing? Yes, we had flood ins and can repair with what they gave us, but mtg. co. holding it. Released another 1/3 yesterday. Funny, never put a claim in on my house ins, which house i rent to my son, and i was sent a notice 4 days after Sandy that they would not renew me on 1/22 cause i did not have "storm shutters" on home. mind you, no wind damage, just flood damage. being i rent, hard to get a decent policy. well find out today my "ins guy" found me one, yep, double than what i was paying and that is only for structure. the liability end of insuring that home is on my primary homes premium. oh well, whats on more thing? just wish we could catch a break. i know i am not the only one out there going thru this, but live in retirement village and had to take in many family members. wish i could hit the lottery and get the hell out of NJ. but i hear ya.....thanks.
Jon W January 12, 2013 at 12:57 AM
you who Jenny turn off fox news Mitt doesnt like ppl like 47% ers Mittens said Fema is immoral dressed in his magic underwear before he flip flopped on wanting to be President why dont you call the office of the orange weeper of the house and ask about the vote do you think invading Iraq based on lies was good for the economy
barbara January 12, 2013 at 01:46 AM
well, alley, thanks for your comment. only help we got was from my door bell ringing one night and a woman and man from "shore angels" had a car load of stuff for us. clothes, food, pet food, etc.(took in 3 additional cats and my own) we are proud people and not looking for handouts, but wow, it really helped. now, still having family members who are displaced living with us in "seniorville" and it is hard.....so hard......but we are family and will get thru it. trying to rebuild our toms river house, which we rent to my son and his girlfriend, they here with us, alot of work, daughter from seaside and granddaughter still not able to get back cause of bullsit with twp. mom and pop in law, proud portugese people who would not leave their home and living in attic till gas was turned off, all here. luckily mom and pop were able to rent home of my neighbor who is so kind and snow bird. she is fla till may. just so hard.......then dealing with banks, ins companies, and more. seems like it will never end. my food and electric bill have never been this high. kids trying to help out, but hard on them. they still getting billed for their utilities, rent, etc. ugh. just so disgusted....will it ever end? plus not to mention my hubby working his butt off all week and my son then spending hrs. trying to get the house back together. then if FEMA says we have to raise 6 feet. omg..........
Skitch January 12, 2013 at 03:55 AM
The insurance companies are only servicing carriers for the NFIP. They write the policy at the request of your agent. They collect the premiums for the NFIP and they handle the claims for the NFIP when they come in. However the carriers are required to send your claims out to NFIP certified adjusters for handling. They are not authorized to pay your claims until the NFIP adjuster gives them the authorization to do so. The carrier pays the claim when authorized to do so. Without that authorization they can't. The carriers then go to the NFIP for reimbursement of it's payments. If the NFIP is out of money you don't get paid. Wise up people. This is why Christy is in Washington lobbying so hard for the funds. The insurance carriers are not paying your claims because the NFIP has no money!!! When will people start to understand that the insurance carriers have nothing to do with this. It's the federal govt. The FEMA claims and the NFIP claims are all paid out of the same pot of money. The funds that were approved last week are to pay the claims of those who have flood insurance thru the NFIP. They are obligated to pay those claims because those people paid premiums to have flood insurance. However trust me, even those people who had flood insurance are getting screwed. Even they are not guaranteed payment for their damage.
foggyworld January 12, 2013 at 06:08 PM
When this is all over, we should be able to take a look at the various skill levels running the shows in our various towns. Some seem to have better planners on board than others and we should remember that when we next get to vote.
grace January 12, 2013 at 08:19 PM
you also have alot more hotels motels etc in florida that we have here in our area..lol most are in seaside and gone....the other 3 or 4 were full in minutes so not so easy to get a room or rental here kurt
grace January 12, 2013 at 08:23 PM
take a breath barb and try and think of those kind people and other kindness of strangers as blessings..i pray you get many more...this too shall pass...eventually...but yea its sooooo hard to remain strong i get ya.
barbara January 12, 2013 at 09:02 PM
thanks jenny, chilling out today, had to make a few calls this a.m. but am trying. just so frustrating.
Kurt January 13, 2013 at 06:39 AM
JENNY JONES I understand motels at the shore I lived up there 28 years before moving to FL 33 years ago. We don't find rooms on the coast, that would be suicide. When a CAT-3 storm is on its way we leave days in advance for in land and even western Georgia. Some fly to other states to relatives. It has is a routine in FL on what to do for the type and strength of storm predicted. We save our money to be very ready as best we can. We store tarps, have generators, have stored food and many other supplies because we know we are on our own maybe for weeks at a time. We insure to the hilt with homeowners hurricane storm riders and Government flood insurance. I realize it is expensive and I’m not rich but it is what we know we need to prepare for. It was forty years since our area was hit by a hurricane but we where ready as most Floridians are. 2004 we where hit by three hurricanes. Two where CAT-1 and one was a CAT-2. For us it was wind damage. For you deadly storm surge. For us we have to prepare for either as both can hit us at ounce or separate. Storms come in many different forms, you have to be ready no mater what comes. I’m just saying because we have been there. It helps to listen and learn because you all have you know that it is a roll of the dice and it may never happen again in your lifetime but then again it could happen two years in a row. Nature could care less what and where you build or how you do or do not prepare. Best of luck and God bless. Stay Strong.
Robert McKenna, MIKE January 13, 2013 at 01:22 PM
Kurt, what is wrong with your comments is your selective memory. Remember hurricane Andrew in 1992? That cost the USA $30 BILLION dollars in aid to somewhat put the southern part of your state (Florida) back in working and living order. Of course due to changing weather (Climate Change) the entire East Coast of the US has to start re-engineering for larger more severe storms. Most of the people in the US live on or near the East Coast, and as a Nation the whole country must come together and help defray the costs to rebuild and to prepare for future storms of even greater magnitude. Disasters have always been received with a united response, and that is how great countries work. Cost is secondary to helping displaced Americans due to disaster. You give good information on the need to be personally prepared, and you seem to know what living through a hurricane is like. The aforementioned reasons are why you should be more understanding, in the whole country helping NJ and NY out of this seemingly endless ongoing struggle to get money from a Republican Congress. Giving aid in drips and drabs means recovery will too be in small measures.
Ann Powers January 13, 2013 at 02:09 PM
EXACTLY. So much of the coverage about Sandy aid is slanted. Instead of criticizing legislators -- no matter D or R -- for taking advantage of "a good crisis," the media does stories on people who blast their insurance companies or FEMA when often, these complaints are invalid. One story aired on CBS had a couple telling of how a neighbor saw their home blown over by the wind just before the flood came. Right. My guess - they had homeowners insurance but not flood. Another guy was complaining that FEMA would only cover 2 of his 3 cars. Why is FEMA covering ANY car? Where's the auto insurance? Yes, there are legitimate needs, and I am among those who suffer flood damage, but: 1) The Sandy relief bill is a joke. If we don't get serious about fiscal responsibility in this country, there truly will be no $$ when the next disaster hits; 2) We need to address the frauds involved, including the phony legislators; people claiming flood-damaged homes as primary residences when they ARE NOT; floated and fraudelent claims in general... The list seems endless. The tragedy is that the loss is so great and government assistance will not cover half of what some people need. How come no one is asking about all the charitable donations? Where's that $$?
Joey Bagdano January 13, 2013 at 02:46 PM
Anyone of you hgere that thinks that this second Relief Bill is some kind of panacea are seriously mistaken. Most of the moeny is going either to pork projects (yeah Christie lied...there's still pork) or to upgarding infrastructiure for next big storm. Folks like us...well were on our own. Don't believe me, call your local congressman. Either he'll lie, which I suggest you send him a confirming letter, or he'll tell the truth, which I suggest you vote against him.
grace January 13, 2013 at 07:02 PM
kurt i just meant that florida is a much larger state with alot more options for displaced citizens to go..new jersey is densely populated and a small state ...when we have to evacuate i guess its to pennsylvania idk just mentioned that we do not have alot of motels thru out the state..in florida every exit off 95 you have lodging
grace January 13, 2013 at 07:09 PM
seriously where is all that money? millions were raised
Kurt January 13, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Robert McKenna, MIKE Storms today are no worse then storms in long ago history before so-called official records. Florida up into new England witnessed major magnitude storms during the era of the 1700s and 1800s to finally when official record keeping. We just happen to breed like rabbits and decided it would be trendy to live directly on the beach in harms way. Just like folks who build on rivers edges. In CA, stupid fools build massive homes on the side of mountains how is that working? We should pay too for that stupidly to build there again. Now we have million who are complaining that just didn’t exist. Andrew was miss calculated by the government agencies like the NWS who had no idea where it was going to land. Andrew for all intent was a monster tornado. No real water at all just a massive funnel cloud hurricane. The damage was all wind over 200MPH. These have happen since dirt it just now people are in the way and massive midia voice to complain too all the way to Washington. As far as money, it was an absolute horrible insult to load that RELIEF bill with over thirty billion on non-Sandy pork. Typical Federal and state government way of doing business and we just aren’t putting up with it any longer starting with this bill. ENOUGH! What to help the folks from Sandy stop dicking around and do real fiscal accountability and get the job done instead of loading this bill blatantly in our faces. Hell they are so brash they don’t even try to hide it anymore.
Robert McKenna, MIKE January 14, 2013 at 06:35 AM
Well Kurt, it seems I both agree and disagree with your comments again. Politicians and PORK have been around since the first Bills ever came out of the House of Representatives. I don't have an answer for their shameful behavior at the expense of actual victim's needs. However, I have never seen before anything like the audacity of Speaker of the House (Boner) and his indifference to the real suffering in Jersey and New York. Finally, maybe your sense of reality stopped in back in the sixties when there were many, albeit wrong scientists who believed there was no such thing as Global Warming (Most of those scientists did their research funded by coal and oil companies). Today you would be hard-pressed to find any reputable scientist who does not believe in Climate Change. Our climate is under siege, exacerbated by 6 billion people on the planet, deforestation, and third-world nations like India and China experiencing their industrial revolution; putting a new coal fired electrical generating plant online every week of the year. The storms are getting much more severe. People talk about leaving a huge financial debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay. Nobody wants to talk about leaving a country, and a world destroyed by Global Warming. Mr. Romney made a wisecrack about global warming about a week before Sandy hit. He lost my vote.
Kurt January 14, 2013 at 08:36 AM
Robert McKenna, MIKE The Dems lost total accountability and structure are the cost of our nation. Sure the Repubs. have also screwed up badly but the dems are hell bent on total financial destruction with no way out and they just don’t gibe a dam. Please check weather stats from farmers records that where kept to the best of their abilities dating back to the early 1700s at least for the United Sates and much further back in other countries. Weather was just as radical as they are today. It is recurring and it has not changed. Like I said the more people the more problems since we issue what is a problem. The tree in the forest makes no sound if you are not there to hear it fall. Now fifty people around the tree and if no one is hit they complain about the noise only. Add fifty more people and some one is hit by the falling tree and we have a disaster to complain about.
Joey Bagdano January 14, 2013 at 02:42 PM
McKenna-Even if Repubs sign off on Sandy Bill so what. 99%of that money never gets to you or me. As far as golbal warming, I believe there is a document with 31000 signatures of scientists who deny global warming (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/2053842/Scientists-sign-petition-denying-man-made-global-warming.html). So, yeah, just a few deny it. BTW, seems that the person with most to gain from Globl wrmng is fat Al Gore. He just cashed another check for 100 million...hmmmm.
Evil Roy Slade January 18, 2013 at 03:08 AM
BEWARE of ABFE....'cause it's coming....
Taylor Monaco January 24, 2013 at 04:21 PM
Ann, my boss is working with several clients in Toms River, Lavallette, Sea Side, and Ocean City. The Public Adjuster for my company (I am his assistant) is actually certified as a FEMA adjuster, but now works with homeowners to pursue payment for damages (We are especially trying to help those for which their beach home IS their primary residence). If you, or anyone you know would like more information, feel free to check us out on facebook, Resolve Adjustment LLC. or our website, www.resolveadjustment.com. Even if you are not sure about hiring someone to help, we can lend advice as to where to go, what to do. -Taylor Monaco
Taylor Monaco January 24, 2013 at 04:46 PM
Barbara, my boss is working with several clients in Toms River, Lavallette, Sea Side, and Ocean City. The Public Adjuster for my company (I am his assistant) is actually certified as a FEMA adjuster, but now works with homeowners to pursue payment for damages. If you, or anyone you know would like more information, feel free to check us out on facebook, Resolve Adjustment LLC. or our website, www.resolveadjustment.com. Even if you are not sure about hiring someone to help, we can lend advice as to where to go, what to do. -Taylor Monaco
barbara January 25, 2013 at 12:07 AM
Thanks Taylor, wrote down the site. But in my situation, i rent our toms river home to my children. FEMA wont give me a dime because considered my "secondary home". I did have flood insurance and they paid claim quickly, however, bank is holding some of the money. This is just a mess....called FEMA several times, but i am not "qualified" for assistance. My son, who rents the home, lost all his furniture, which i was not covered for. He applied to FEMA and was told to take out a SBL. Just so sick of this crap.....now we have to elevate the house? As far as I am concerned, the bank can have it. Done! we have already started renovating to try to get them back home. I have 3 homeless families with me. All in the same situation. FEMA sucks as far as I am concerned.
dhhex June 27, 2013 at 12:13 PM
If you had adequate Insurance, and you are not being paid, then this is a problem that needs to be fixed. But don't complain about lost furniture, if you didn't have renters insurance. And if your Insurance required storm shutters, you should have had them. If your home has to be raised and you cant afford it, It's time to move. I feel bad, if this has been your home all along, but this is not going to be the last storm, and it looks like living at the beach just got a little more expensive. I have seen people with average cars and outdated interior's, score big as well, by remodeling high end, and driving luxury cars now. In addition, many in construction raised their costs. There are also to many people around here that are already suffering, from joblessness, and loosing their homes, it is hard for them to feel to sorry, since they have their own homelessness to deal with. And as for that “old world charm”--- Seaside for example needed to be updated. It was disgusting, and some of the old rusty storefronts that made it through the storm should be rep;aced as well.
Kurt June 28, 2013 at 12:23 AM
It is up to your insurance not a white horse from the whitehouse. The government job is not to throw money at those who built on the sand or did not insure for enough and many not at all. Yes it is terrible but it is what it is that when you put yourself by the thousands in harms way you’re rolling the dice and then you expect someone to make it all better. It is in fact up to you to make it right not the government. Sure, you could and should make the argument that trillions of our taxes dollars leave our shores for helping other countries or for fibulas wars. Trillions going to illegal aliens for their healthcare and education. Billions of government waste. Hell just the cost of the presidential vacations could rebuild most of some small NJ shore towns. So yes, I can understand that particular frustration but still it is not the government’s position to just put your lives back together again and you know that. In Florida we save and insure ourselves and prepare all year long for pending storms. In 04, I went through three category two storms and lost our roof. We Floridians prepaid and we save and stored food water and generators. We have plans for devastation, as we must. You all suffered a category one and millions had not prepared for a storm that was predicted for nine days that was said to hit just where they said it would hit. You cannot just drink beer and eat Pizza the night or week before it hits you have to be diligent to the max in being ready.
proud June 28, 2013 at 04:38 AM
You don't know what you are talking about @Florida Kurt.
Joey Joe June 28, 2013 at 06:29 AM
@Kurt -- You need a "check up from the neck up." Get your facts right before you post such "dribble."


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