ATTENTION WOMEN - YOUR CONGRESSMAN, CHRIS SMITH, WANTS TO OUTLAW THE PILL AND IUD "LIFE BEGINS AT FERTILIZATION" - BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND IUD SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAWCONRESSMAN CHRIS SMITH, DISTRICT 4 NJ - H5951   Chris Smith, Chairman Of The House Pro-Life Caucus, Argued That Common Forms Of Birth Control That Prevent Implantation Result In “Many Abortions.” According to the Congressional Record, Smith stated, “Mr. Chairman, due to the lateness of the hour, I do not intend on taking the full 5 minutes. Let me make it very clear that part of the problem with the Lowey amendment was that it did not define contraception. Many of us have been concerned that the pro-abortion lobby and the pro-abortion organizations over the years have tried to fudge the line of demarcation between fertilization post- and pre-fertilization. Many of the chemicals, many of the devices that are now employed that are permitted under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program do indeed result in many abortions, newly created human lives that are not permitted to implant in their mother’s womb. In a nutshell, my amendment is designed to clarify that if we are indeed going to force all of the Federal providers of medical care, the HMOs and all the providers as a condition of receiving reimbursement for all of their prescriptions, whether it be for penicillin or any other drug, that they have, to provide “a provision for contraceptive coverage”, let us at least make it clear that the gentlelady’s language excludes abortion-inducing chemicals. That is what my amendment very simply seeks to do.” [144 Cong Rec H 5951, 7/20/98] Chris Smith Argued That The IUD And Birth Control “Chemicals” Should Be Further Studied Because They Prevent “Implantation.” According to the Congressional Record, Smith stated, “Let me make it very clear there has to be a determination made, and maybe it is about time, with all of the resources at our disposal, we really came to a firm conclusion as to how some of these chemicals and how the IUD actually works, because, again, even Planned Parenthood and others will say on their web page that one of the consequences of the IUD may indeed be preventative of implantation.” [144 Cong Rec H 5951, 7/20/98] Full article - http://www.americanbridgepac.org/2013/05/featured/bridge-briefing-cuccinelli-personhood-birth-control/ SMITH IS UP FOR RE ELECTION IN NOVEMBER - WOMEN GET OUT AND VOTE! 


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