OPINION: Decisions by the Point Boro Council Make No Sense

In communications with the Boro Council I have asked repeatedly if there exists a performance evaluation process for highly compensated Boro Employees. After asking repeatedly, I finally got a straight answer...NO!

That means that employees work year after year with no indication about how they are doing on the job, and there is no guidance for employees about what is expected and raises come...good, bad or in between.

Last year I was told we (council) are working on a performance evaluation process. When I recently inquired about the progress on the promise, I was told that creating a performance evaluation process is hard to do under the NJ Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

After a little investigation I discovered that Point Pleasant Borough is one of the VERY FEW small towns that remains under the NJ Civil Service System. In fact, of the approximately 600 towns and cities in NJ, fewer than 200 elected to be regulated under the NJ Civil Service. 

What do you think?

A Palanchi April 26, 2014 at 07:19 PM
I'm not irrational. It's not my way of doing things. I'm not afraid of change, but change is only a good thing when it is positive. It is destructive otherwise. With your type of thinking and thought processes, you couldn't win an election in this, or any other, town that has any pride in itself even if you gave out free Blizzards to every voter in town. You're like Kennell. If you bottom line isn't working like it should, look into the mirror for the cause. You make it easy to go to Sundaes this evening.
Jack Kennell April 27, 2014 at 02:56 PM
Alex: That was a good observation about the fire trucks. My cousin moved to near Lewes, Del., when he retired, and his annual property tax is only $1,200! His house in NJ was a lot smaller, but property tax $8,000! You yourself see the handwriting on the wall for NJ. A lot of these people are "voting with their feet", the Boro population, for example, is dropping, over 1,000 since 2000. (The census people missed Palanchi's tent.) Notice how "jittery" the public sector employees have been becoming, they're not totally ignorant, they know what's coming.


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