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Unclear Results for Poll on Tax Businesses

Most voted for "other"

With tax deadline fast approaching on April 17, we asked you where you like to go for last-minute help.

Results were inconclusive. There were 15 people who voted for "other," but never wrote the names of the "others" in the Comments section.

In future polls, if you vote for "other," please give us the names of the businesses you prefer in the Comments section.

There were two votes for on Washington Avenue in Point Beach and no votes for any other business listed.

Denise Di Stephan April 05, 2012 at 12:22 PM
I see that 15 people voted for "other" but did not leave a comment with company names of the "other" tax preparation professionals they prefer. If you vote for "other" please leave a comment with that name. If particular businesses are mentioned repeatedly, we will say so in the results story we post tomorrow. Thank you.


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