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Brick's Third Group of Red Light Cameras Activate Monday

Warnings will be given out for 30 days

The red light violation cameras at the intersection of Route 70 and Brick Boulevard will activate 12 a.m. Monday morning.

The photo enforcement cameras will capture still and video images of red light running violations, however, for an initial 30-day warning period, a warning notice will be issued to the vehicle’s registered owner rather than a binding violation notice.

The warning period ends on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at which time summonses will begin to be issued, Brick Police Capt. John Rein said.

Like the township's other two intersections equipped with the red light cameras – Route 70 and Chambers Bridge Road, and Brick Boulevard and Hooper Avenue – the new cameras are operated by American Traffic Solutions, an Arizona-based company.

The cameras were installed for free by the company, and will be maintained by the company at no cost to the township. In exchange, ATS will share in a percentage of the rvenue generated by summonses issued from the cameras.

Warning signs alerting drivers to the presence of the cameras were installed at the intersection last month.

Based on Brick Township’s 'business rules,' a violation will occur when the entire vehicle crosses the stop line after the light has turned red.

Those violations will then been processed by ATS whose employees will verify the violation falls within the business rules set by the township, that the still and video images are adequate and verify the registration and ownership of the vehicle through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.  Those violations that meet the criteria are then sent to the Brick Township Police Department where a police officer will review each violation to again verify that a violation did occur and the registration matches the vehicle in the still and video images. 

At that time the police officer will issue the violation, which is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle by ATS. Violators can view the digital still images and a 12 second video of the violation online. They then can pay the fine directly online or contest the violation in the same way as any other motor vehicle violation in municipal court.

"The implementation of the Red Light Camera system is one example of this department’s commitment to use technology to improve our effectiveness and efficiency," said Police Chief Nils R. Bergquist in a prepared statement. "The use of the RLC system allows us to deploy our resources to other critical needs of our community while still addressing the risks associated with red light violations. We are committed to the safety of our citizens and all who visit Brick Township. The RLC system is a significant tool in our efforts to accomplish that commitment."

Bergquist said the red light cameras are one piece of technology deployed by the department, with other including a new aomputer aided dispatch and records management system (CAD/RMS) and an automated license plate reader. The department hopes to implement an 'E-Ticketing' system in the near future that Bergquist said will save man-hours.

Statistics on Brick's use of red light cameras released earlier this year . According to police data, 95 percent of violators never receive a second violation, and 70 percent of the summonses generated by the cameras are issued to vehicles registered outside of the township.

Barry Russo May 14, 2012 at 12:47 PM
No one on these boards has a backbone Jim. No sense telling them to stand up, they are all still wandering around in a fog believing the illusion they are 3rd safest city in America. ;) The sheep have lost the F-Cove, lost the beaches to fist pumpers, still believe the old Foodtown lot is being worked on, and basically just fall in line as new cameras basically are being added at will now, with now turning back. You watch, in next year you will have giant wind turbines and cell phone towers littering what little is left of Brick. The sheep on this forum are quick to talk about a change, but I bet .001% of them even know where the town hall meeting are help. : ) To all you sheep, just keep bending over, because in a few more years when the gangs own the town you will be taking your orders from a group that really know how to make change. For the worse i might add, but by then you won't really have a choice in the matter. The time to make a stand has passed you guys by. On a positive note. If you need to buy a nice house in Brick, you can find them under 100k now, perfect for the types of people you tried to keep away for so long, will soon own your town.
Kim E May 18, 2012 at 04:57 PM
I have to drive though 4 red camera lights each day, I go to work so I got a ticket a few weeks ago for $ 85.00.I am a careful driver I may add. I didn't have the time to fight it and I work at night. So how can I fight it? So I paid it.So I have $ 85.00 less to spend in the local stores in Brick. I am going to not shop at the stores near these lights anymore .I'm not going take a chance driving past these lights just to shop.This is the only way I can think to fight these red camera lights by not shopping at the stores near them.Can you imagine what could happen, if we all just stop shopping at these stores near these awful lights?
Janice B. May 19, 2012 at 12:28 AM
Kim E. I wish there was a way to get your money back. The town probably did not do the 85th percentile road speed study. The study would have changed the timing of the yellow portion of the light to be longer by at least one second. If they did not do the study for the application to the State of NJ to get the cameras then the town is not following the law as it was written which should make all the tickets issued dismissed. Not guilty if the the town does not follow the law as it was written. All you have to do is ask the town for that study for the road with the camera and you will see. For most roads if not all of NJ roads the 85th percentile speed study has not been done and the traffic lights on these roads are not timed according to the higher speed that is really being traveled on these roads.
Art Penrose May 22, 2012 at 05:07 AM
I will no longer shop or spend any of my hard earned money in Brick. If the residents of Brick are too "timid" to throw out their elected representatives that place this burden on them, then let the businesses who depend on the people from outside of Brick suffer from lack of business. You have a bunch of losers running this town.
Bowie Thelonius June 20, 2012 at 12:53 PM
At first glance, I thought the headline of the article said: "Brick's Third Group of Red Light Cameras Activate Money". Not too far from the truth.


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