Cat In Tree Call First for Barnegat's New Fire Truck

New truck 'enhances the firefighting and rescue capabilities of our fire company.'

A cat with a penchant for climbing trees was the first call for the Barnegat Fire Company's newest fire truck in the fleet. 

On Dec.13, the call came into the Barnegat Volunteer Fire Co, Station 11 and Firefighters Ed Buckley and Ed O'Harra deployed with the town's new 105' ladder truck.  

The cat was stuck in the tree for more than 24 hours, fire officials said. When local animal rescue officials were unable to coax it out of the tree, they called Chief Mike Moore of Station 11 to request assistance. The entire rescue took less than 15 minutes and the cat was reunited with its Burr Street owners.  

Fire company President Gary Brown told Patch, "We hope that is the most serious rescue that we ever have to perform with this truck, however, it is a great piece of equipment to have in our fleet in the event that something more serious ever occurs in Barnegat."  

Firefighters in Barnegat have been training with deploying the new ladder in several locations throughout Barnegat including the Edwards School - with the cooperation of the school Superintendent Karen Wood.  

Additionally, Barnegat firefighters trained with the new truck at the Toms River Fire Academy in live fire exercises and rescues from two- and three-story windows in smoke conditions, Brown said.  

"Since taking receipt of the truck, our firefighters having been training many hours with new truck, including flowing water for firefighting, deploying the ladder in different scenarios, and just practicing driving through different areas through town that have limited access," Brown said.  "Our goal is to always be ready when any type of incident occurs and the new truck just enhances the firefighting and rescue capabilities of our fire company."


Charles J. Giles December 24, 2012 at 03:43 AM
Such negativity. Firefighters everywhere use their ladder trucks to rescue animals. Also the American Flag was not upside down Rick. I could see why you or someone may think so. When you are facing town hall from the street the flag was up and down which means the flag field needs to be on the top left where it was. Some people forget that. To Station 11, Great Job on the animal rescue. It shows that our Station 11 volunteers and all firefighters are willing to do anything for anyone even a pet in danger. KUDOS Station 11.
Ray December 24, 2012 at 02:30 PM
The Fire Dept. members volunteer their service. If they choose to use the new ladder truck to rescue a cat from a tree that's good. You would be complaining more if you had to pay for a fire dept. I think our volunteer fire dept is great.
deathpenaltyforcopkillers December 24, 2012 at 04:28 PM
What was the Fire Co. supposed to tell the owner of the cat ? No ? These people are tax payers too !
Neener December 26, 2012 at 07:18 PM
I'm proud that our rescue team showed such compassion and empathy. Good job on rescuing the helpless and the voiceless among us. You teach by example.:) Keep it up and god bless!
Rick December 27, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Perhaps they should have parked the truck facing the other way. The field of stars was in fact lower than the stripes. And by the way the field of stars is always the flag’s right, which means it is to the left of the viewer. Other than that, Station 11 and everyone involved in the dedication did a great job.


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