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After Cross-State Pursuit, Delanco Man Shot by Troopers in Brick

Chase started in Ewing, ended in Brick; Authorities say it was second pursuit in a day for suspect

After leading state police on an east-west pursuit across the state, a Delanco man was shot and wounded on a Brick Township street early Wednesday morning, authorities said.

At about 12:30 a.m., state troopers tried to stop a white Nissan Pathfinder after observing a moving violation on Rt. 29 in the West Trenton section of Ewing Township, police said.

The driver, later identified as Michael Zaun, 30, attempted to elude troopers and continued onto I-195 eastbound, eventually exiting the highway and ending up on local streets in Brick, according to a prepared statement from the state police.

Troopers reported that Zaun fired a gun during the vehicle pursuit, which ended on Carolina Avenue, off Sally Ike Road in the Herbertsville section.

At that point, police say, Zaun pulled the SUV onto the front lawn of a residential home and ran from the vehicle to the front door of the house, disregarding commands from the troopers.

One trooper fired at Zaun, who was struck and injured, according to State Police Lt. Stephen Jones.

Zaun was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, where he is being treated for serious injuries that are not considered life-threatening.  None of the three troopers involved in the incident were injured.

Zaun’s vehicle has not yet been searched, according to a statement from the state police Wednesday morning. It was impounded and taken to Hamilton Station as evidence, pending an application for a search warrant.

State Police detectives later learned that Zaun’s vehicle was involved in a police pursuit in Bucks County, Pa. earlier in the evening, but the driver was not apprehended during that incident.

No charges have been filed on Zaun.

The state Attorney General’s Shooting Response Team is investigating the incident. The names of the troopers involved in the shooting are not being released; troopers involved in shooting incidents are normally placed on administrative leave on a temporary basis after such an incident.

betterdays May 03, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Barry, you have no idea who I am or what I do in my community, so I would suggest you pipe down. When it comes to what people on this forum are or are not doing, you are speaking from a position of ignorance. I don't have a clue who you are or what you do to better your community so I won't judge you. I would expect the same in return.
Chief Wahoo May 03, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Gang bangers, failing schools, cronyism, falling property values, rising taxes and lying politicians Welcome to Bricktucky
Barry Russo May 05, 2012 at 01:23 PM
LMFAO at TimeForChange Only in Brick would an idiot be PROUD of being called a sheep. Maybe if you and your pals on this forum actually did what your name implies "Time For Change" this town would change. But you, BrickMom, Max, etc, all come here hoping for a change or hoping someone else will fix it for you. Nothing more sad than LAZINESS, and you guys are the poster children of laziness. I imagine you called me an ass because I actually stand up for myself, and don't fall in line and cower like the rest of you do. You come here moaning week after week about the old Brick, the Safest City Brick, blah blah blah. Time to wake up, you lost OLD Brick years ago, so sit back and hide in your home, get a gun permit and get ready to protect what you have. The gangs LOVE BRICK!!!! They ain't going anywhere, and if you think your ignorant comments here on a forum will scare them away, you and Brick Mom will be in for a sad awakening. The current youth of Brick, your kids, are sheep just like their parents, and the Gangs will give them structure and do what you aren't. The gangs will spend time with them and teach them how to decay the city further, while dummies like you and BrickMom and Max sit here on the forum whining day after day about the glory days..... lmfao ;) Brick is a few years away from being the new Camden. You guys need to stop whining, its getting old.
Hollowman May 05, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Don't forget all the nameless finger pointing cowards who offer no real solutions to any problems, and most likely can't offer any valid solutions due to a complete and total lack of understand or knowledge of politics, public safety, business, economics, social sciences or psychology! They are the worst Bricktuckyanites out there!!!
Barry Russo May 06, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Hollowman, problem is that the finger pointing cowards in office in Brick continually get re-elected by the same type of cowards like BrickMom, Max, TimeForChange. They walk around like sheep and vote for these cowards, then come here crying that their SAFEST city is now one of the top VIOLENT cities in NJ. Instead of going to the township meetings and getting a backbone, they come on this forum, and hope someone else will make it better for them. Now that just about every tree in brick that could be cut down has been replaced by a home, the property values will continue to skyrocket DOWNWARD. You can get a house that used to be 300k for about $150k today. Watch in another year the types of families ruling Brick. My two new neighbors who basically stole the houses on my block, both work in Jersey City, and commute there every day, and come home to Brick to live. They make triple the money up there, come to Brick and pay nothing for a house, then commute and spend there $$$ in Jersey City. Hope the sheep in this town enjoy their new neighbors, they make the cast of the Jersey Shore look like the Brady Bunch. Adios Brick ;)


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