Rash of House Burglaries Continues in Lacey

Police report another six burglaries in the past week

The rash of house burglaries continues in Lacey Township. In the last week, Lacey police have reported another six house burglaries.

Since Sept. 14, there have been 13 house burglaries, all of which occurred in the Forked River section of town. Seven of the 13 homes that were burglarized were forcibly entered.

Lt. James Veltri provided the following information: 

Sept. 24
A resident of Orlando Drive in Forked River reported that someone stole a bracelet valued at $800 from within the home. There was no forced entry. 

Sept. 24
A home on Deerhead Lake Drive, Forked River was forcibly entered. The resident reported that collectible coins valued at $100 and $350 in loose change were stolen between the early morning and afternoon hours. 

Sept. 23
A Sheffield Drive, Forked River resident reported that someone gained entry into his or her home using force. Jewelry valued at $5,000 was stolen during the early evening hours. 

Sept. 22
A resident of Nautilus Boulevard, Forked River reported a house burglary. Sometime during the mid-afternoon to early evening hours, the house was forcibly entered. The resident reported more than $25,000 worth of jewelry stolen. 

Sept. 19
Officers responded to a home that was forcibly entered on Kent Drive in Forked River. It was determined that $460 of merchandise was stolen from within the home. The burglary is believed to have happened during the daytime hours. 

Sept. 18
The lock of a front door on Thropp Road in Forked River was broken and the home was entered. The resident reported that the home was entered sometime during the daytime hours and jewelry was stolen. The value of the stolen items has yet to be determined.

grace October 16, 2012 at 02:33 PM
just like on rt 37 motels filled with people just released from jail
Randy Butternubs October 17, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Everyday one cop (starting with the longest employed first) should be fired until these thieves are caught.I bet they are in jail by Wednesday
grace October 17, 2012 at 01:56 PM
o come on randy
Randy Butternubs October 17, 2012 at 02:16 PM
I don't know the exact amount of salary a Lacey Cop makes. I am guessing it has to be 75,000/yr. I do know my property tax has become unffordable just trying to pay them for their service. I have to believe they are not making an effort. Because if they really are trying and they cant stop a bunch of stupid kids of committing robberies in daylight hours , then they really are very bad at their jobs and we need to change. I am sure that whoever and your family that is in the police force is a very good cop Jenny but the rest of their coworkers seem to be there just to collect a paycheck.
M'Linda Kula October 17, 2012 at 09:03 PM
@ Forked River Mom-Love your children and teach them right from wrong. Trust that you will do your best as a parent. Know the company they keep. Let the children and their friends come to YOUR home vs. your children at a home which may or may NOT have a TRUSTED adult in charge. Take your children for random drug testing by your family doctor. These days, the age of the children in danger of being hooked on drugs and SHOULD BE TESTED --- GRADE SCHOOL CHILDREN. Have them tested, often. Your doctor WILL tell you if your child is CLEAN or IN TROUBLE. Parents still have the right to ACT as PARENTS. I do believe in praying over my children.


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