Record $1.17 Million Tab In Sweeps of Outstanding Child Support, Warrants

Ocean County Sheriff's Department conducts arrests

Records fell last week when, for the first time ever, fanned out looking for 64 parents who owed their children more than $1.14 million child support.

“We’ve never broken a million before,’’ said Capt. Matthew Armstrong of the sheriff’s warrant unit. The number of arrests was also a record for one of the coordinated statewide raids that takes place twice a year, he explained.

Those arrested typically make partial payments on the amount they owe, some after a stay in the county jail, others after they make payments acceptable to the Probation Department.

Jack F.Colmyer, 38, of Twin Lakes Boulevard., Little Egg Harbor, owed the most, $134,132, followed by Tyrone A. Hester, 40, of Illinois Avenue, Jackson, at $132,038, officers said.

In Toms River Solito B. Reyes, 68, of Craig Road, owed $76,524;  Willie D. White, 50, of Vincent Court, owed $56,983 and Joseph Hann, 56, of Cozy Way, $56,966, officers said.

Others Toms River arrests and the amounts owed:

  • Caesar Simon, 39, of Second Avenue, $9,271.
  • Daniel O’Leary, 49, of Barbuda Street, $22,710.
  • Leonard F. Trout, 46, of Vaughn Avenue, $2,109.
  • James T. Cole, 26, of Echo Place, $450.
  • Marc S. Duchnowski, 40, of Easy Street, $13,656.
  • Richard Edelman, 42, of Jamaica Blvd., $18,683.
  • John J. Assisi, 49, of St. Thomas Drive, $14,019.
  • Michael B. McNicholas, 39, of Dover Road, $6,819.
  • Gary S. Fletcher, 52, of Zapata Court, $21,839.
  • Theresa Polkowski, 45, of St. Thomas Drive, $2,034.
  • Thomas A. Lees, 34, of Jamaica Blvd., $5,760.
  • Paul G. Ippolitto, 37, of Alfred Lane, $6,618.
  • James McGrath, 37, of Germania Court, $11,291.
  • Todd M. Britton, 25, of Massachusetts Avenue, $1,371.

Arrested in Brick were:

  • Tracy P. Bigler, 30, of Monterey Drive, $7,805.
  • James Jacob, 40, of Driscoll Drive, $8,386.
  • Patrick Mays, 45, of  Oak Court, $4,150.
  • David Hoopengarner, 56, of Mantoloking Road, $22,333.
  • Christopher Goncalves, 31, of Kristi Shay Lane, $4,863.

In Barnegat those arrested were:

  • Jonathan J. McSweeney, 33, of Barnegat Blvd., $32,826.
  • Albert P. DePaolo, 27, of Third Street, $24,082.
  • Allen R. Cottrell, 54, of Windward Drive, $17,317.

Also arrested were Manuel Viana, 52, of Marla Drive, Point Pleasant, $15,110; Yahya Bayrasli, 68, of Aster Place, Whiting, $1,950;  and Joseph LaCombe, 28, of Halsey Avenue, Bayville, $40,203.

Officers taking part in the sweep were Timothy Duffy, Robert Trainor, Robert Johnson, Christopher Watkins, Juan Mercado, Sabino Metta, Kevin Allmann, Claudette Vazquez, Harry Foltz, Michael Pettrucelli, Philip Sickinger, Robert Stark, John Adams, Kevin Cooney, Michael Groesch, Christopher Gentile, David Dering, John Strodel, Paul DeMarco, Kevin Fennessy, and Jeffrey Schevlin.

GaryR July 26, 2011 at 02:06 PM
Uglykid825, SOMETHING has to be done. To my knowledge, they don't do these sweeps that often and there has to be some sort of message sent to these people to pay support (obligation) for their kids. We can shoot holes in anything that a State, County, or Township does...at some point we have to applaud their efforts for 'doing the right thing'...JMHO.
carolyn July 26, 2011 at 02:24 PM
It is so sad. The kids are the ones that suffer in these cases. I can understand in a way though if the person responsible for support is out of work and can't get a job. How can he/she pay if he/she does not have the means? On the other hand the children need the support. I guess welfare steps in. AND the government has to pay! Everyone loses! How can we fix this??
bayway mike July 26, 2011 at 02:34 PM
too bad for the boy who owes $450 but not too bad for the losers who owe in the tens of thousands!!
Rachel Tomasi July 27, 2011 at 01:12 PM
I can understand attempting to scare them into paying. What I don't understand (and I have 4 kids whom I receive child support from their father for) is locking them up.How can they POSSIBLY find work and pay ANYTHING from a jail cell and that just costs a system likely already paying to support these kids with food stamps and state health ins.plus cash assistance in most cases if I understand right more money now to house, guard and feed their Dads. I think a better idea is to pay for state rehab in cases where thats either why the Dad isn't working or what hes spending his money on, if we're going to be paying through the current methods anyway.idk, just some thoughts off the top of my head.
Bobbielyn Harrsch August 12, 2011 at 05:41 AM
In ocean county when you get arrested you are billed for your time in Jail, with a base stay of 3 days billing. $50 for booking $10 per day and if you have medical needs, $5.00 to see the Dr $1.00 per pill, including aspirin. If your medication you are on is not in the state 'formula' they change your medication, by the way it takes any were from 3 days to 2 weeks to see the Dr, and if you have medical problems you are put in the medical unit, were you are on lock down 23 3/4 hours a day, and can not go for visits until you are 'medically cleared' During your '15 minutes of fame' you need to shower, clean your cell and make your phone calls, which no matter how many are in your cell, ( I have seen 15 in cell 1, only 1 bunk) and only 1 phone to make non 'pin calls from' so it is next to impossible to reach someone for bail, or to take care of your kids if you are a custodial parent who has an old child support order. If it sounds like I know a lot it is because I have been there done that. I owe for child support the state admitted they never should have come after me for, but have spent more days in jail than the 2 dead beat fathers of my children. I owe less than $3,000, combined they owe almost $60,000. Yet I can not get the support reduced or dismissed. Any good attorneys willing to help? ha ha


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