Silverton Fire Company Appoints Officers, Honors Members

New members also welcomed during installation ceremony held last week

The following is a reproduction of the 2013 installation ceremony program for the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company:

Hurricane Sandy delivered a devastating blow to New Jersey but particularly to our community. Toms River Township is New Jersey’s 8th largest community of 43 square miles and over 90,000 people with 25 percent of the towns’ 40,000 residential units being damaged and many were totally destroyed. While the barrier islands were a concern no one could ever imagine the damage that occurred on the mainland along the Barnegat bay Silver Bay, Kettle Creek, Goose Creek and the Toms River. 

The storm caused major damage with devastating storm surge and tidal flooding along with winds that were nothing like any of us have experienced before and hopefully never will again. The events since the storm have shown the strength and character of our members as many of our members had tremendous personal loss. The community teamwork from north and south, local and far off police officers, firefighters, ladies auxiliaries, EMTs, school employees, utility workers, community members, family members, friends, scout troops, churches, businesses and strangers to help us and work around the clock unwaveringly in the darkened streets and wiped out neighborhoods during the weeks that followed Hurricane Sandy.

The events that started on Monday October 29, 2012 have taxed the members of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 and the NJ fire service community and this will go on for months, even years. It is events like this that bring us closer together as a fire service dedicated to the preservation of life and property.

To our membership, Ladies Auxiliary and family members of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company, we would like to say "thank you" to those that have donated and/or sacrificed time away from family, friends, and loved ones to support us and our community where we live.   

As we move forward in the coming months we look to the community for strength and guidance to carry on our mission. It’s nice to know that many people have our backs and we can now look forward in 2013 to rebuild and continue on with our lives.  

Ingredients: Fire trucks with roaring sirens, Firefighters ready for action, Policemen guarding the streets, Ambulances and EMTS ready to help, Bravery, Courage, Kindness and Hope. Thank you for all you do!!!              

Together we are SILVERTON STRONG.

2013 Officers:

Fire Chief
Gus Baxes 


John Addalia 

Ladies President
Ceil Cocco 

Robert Clark
Frank Donnelly
Bruno Tucci
Tom Leonard

Asst. Chief
Gary Tattersall  Vice President
John Keating Jr.  Vice President
Maria Oltarzewski  Marcia Murphy
Joyce DeVincentis
Josephine Ihrig 
Art Maison  Captain
Michael Cocco  Treasurer
Joseph Duff  Treasurer
Ellen Sinnott  Safety Officers
Steve Henry
Will Ihrig
John Addalia  1st Lieutenant
Pete Sabey  Secretary
Dana Mitchell  Secretary
Aileen Addalia   Engineer
Thomas Laffan  2nd Lieutenant
Chris Hansson  Secretary
Dan Dickman  Fire Police Captain
John Reilly   


35 Years
John Reilly 
Kenneth Taylor
Scott Ireland 
Walter Ireland 
  25 years 
Bruno Tucci 
Thomas W. Morris 
Kevin Geoghegan

  20 Years 
Marylou Cenicola
Steve Henry
Robert Sinnott Jr. 
Mitch Carbone
Anthony Cenicola  15 Years (Life Member)
Joyce DeVincentis
Josephine Ihrig 
Maria Oltarzewski
Rose Pasqualetto
 Kay Wissell
Daniel Schwester
James Harris  10 Years
Ryan Fitzgerald
Joseph Pretto
Michael Mooney
Andrew Dorman
Pete Sabey 
Rob Leach 
Amy Baxes 5 Years
Dana Mitchell 
Timothy Geoghegan
John Lenaghan
Barbara Cumberton

  New Members
Joseph Duff
Ed Popek
Robert Hansson
John Carolan
Tara Goldstein
Wendy Sharkey

New Members
Robert Kennedy
Corey Ford
Jonathan Swift
John Squires
Marie Caparelli
Tammy Seyforth

New Members
Carmela Ryan
Marlene Gonnello
Fran Velardo
Jamie Justus
Victoria Melegari

Memorial: Ladies Auxiliary Life Member Gen Hagaman

Firefighter of the Year 2012: Joe Veni

Martin January 27, 2013 at 08:49 PM
Thank you, volunteers, for all you've done during our area's time of greatest need, as well as all you continue to do day-in and day-out. You are truly Silverton Strong!
Paul January 27, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Congratulations to the new officers and members of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Department. God bless all of you, stay safe, and many thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for our city. Respectfully, Father Paul Pappas, Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church.
I B buggin January 28, 2013 at 12:27 AM
Rovert or Robert? lol


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