Accident That Killed Barnegat Motorcyclist Was 'Traumatic,' Freeholder Says

No charges filed, investigation ongoing, State Police say

Although he was not physically injured in the Friday evening crash that took the life of a 24-year-old Barnegat motorcyclist, the accident has left its mark on Freeholder John P. Kelly.

"I'm very sorry that a young man lost his life," Kelly said this morning. "That's all I have to say right now. I'm physically fine. It's traumatic."

New Jersey State Police did bloodwork on Kelly after the that killed William D. Kolb on Route 9 South in Eagleswood.

"They drew blood, which is standard procedure," Sgt. Harry Rocheskey said this morning. "The results are pending. He (Kelly) gave his consent to the procedure."

The time to get the results from the bloodwork back varies, Rocheskey said.

Kolb was heading southbound on his black 2011 Harley Davidson at approximately 6:35 p.m., near mile marker 65.5. He attempted to pass the vehicle in front of him, then collided with the right fender of Kelly's 2005 sports utility vehicle when he tried to return to the lane of traffic, Trooper Joseph Mezzo has said.

Kelly, 61, West Creek, was traveling northbound on Route 9 and was attempting to make a left turn into the West Creek Deli when the collision occurred, Mezzo said.

Kolb was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered severe injuries. He died at the scene. Kelly was uninjured, said Mezzo, who is the investigating officer.

The stretch of roadway where the accident occurred is relatively straight, Rocheskey said.

It's unknown whether either man was speeding at the time of the accident, or if Kolb was wearing a helmet, he said.

The accident is still under investigation. No charges have been filed, Rocheskey said.

max May 22, 2012 at 10:06 PM
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Mare May 22, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Jerseyclone I agree and had asked the same question when replying to the original article. Many people driving drunk will not have the reflex time to avoid an accident someone sober would. They should have checked. OH! That's right, this is a politician! Nevermind.... Reminds me of the Patty Doyle debacle, which is still not settled.... In this case we'll never know, BUT we do know about the previous case.
Mare May 22, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Thank you Tom, that's what a whole lot of us were wondering.
Miriam May 30, 2012 at 07:53 PM
True.I also notice my original comment was removed based on the update in story where I wrote.How messed up it was to read glory be given to the freeholder as the article attached a brief BIO about who Mr. Kelly is.I feel the focus should be on this young man who lost his life only. I also did not recall seeing comments of remorse (not saying he wasn't remorseful),however he didn't state his compassion for the families loss, but I see he has in this new article.Don't be fooled.They all read these articles and are tied in with media. Which brings me to my next point.... The first article states this young man had aspirations of starting his own business, and the family in memory would like to carry that dream on and employ members of their family, so since the county isn't doing such a great job in caring for the homeless! Is it still too much to ask for them to help make this families dream come true in memory of their son?! It would be a shame to hold a position of power to be concerned with your own needs,and stand by idle and do nothing when you have the authority to make something happen! Death,or not I would feel to the extreme remorseful regardless of who's fault because accidents aren't on purpose, but if it was within my means to bring some measure of healing,which only occurs when we move beyond "words" I would do so in a second!
Miriam May 30, 2012 at 08:08 PM
WOW! Is this Mr kelly? Very close in spelling.Well, who ever you are.Don't try an make another person look stupid to save face!There was an original article that came out about this.I have the link saved!And it gave a BIO on Mr kelly etc...People were more concerned with hearing about this young man who lost his life only!Please no more tap water for you! lol Link of original story read...http://tomsriver.patch.com/articles/barnegat-motorcyclist-dies-in-collision-with-ocean-county-freeholder-in-eagleswood


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