Boro: Check Water Before Doing Laundry

The opening of two hydrants causing water discoloration in parts of town


Any Point Borough residents thinking about doing laundry any time soon today should first make sure their water is not discolored.

It's probably a good idea to let your water run for a few minutes just to check that it's clear, although the problem should be fully cleared up town-wide shortly.

No, the discoloration was not caused by hydrant flushing of the typical kind. But the Borough Public Works department did have to open two hydrants today for other reasons in the part of town near the Manasquan River and it's causing water discoloration in that neighborhood and beyond.

However, the hydrants were closed up before noon, the work is finished and water should return to normal shortly if it hasn't already, said Joy Edly at the public works office, shortly after noon.

A hydrant had to be opened near Riverfront Park to investigate a water pressure complaint at River's Edge Condominiums next to the park, Edly said.

And a hydrant also had to be opened on Jaehnel Parkway due to a resident's complaint about the clarity of water in his home. That is still under investigation, Edly said.

Anyone who has done laundry that came out reddish or brownish can pick up a container of "Red-B-Gone" at the public works office or call (732) 892-1287 for more information.


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