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New Entrance, Exit Roadways Planned for Parkway Interchange 91

New entrances, exits to be built near Burnt Tavern, Burrsville roads

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps
Ocean County officials will soon take the first step in a long-awaited project that County Engineer Frank Scarantino says will ease traffic congestion throughout Brick Township.

The project will be led by the county but will be funded by the state, Scarantino said. It has been in the works for close to nine years, but is just getting off the ground after nearly a decade of land acquisitions, obtaining permits and other holdups.

The project is ambitious and will reshape a portion of northern Brick Township.

"We are providing all of the missing moves from every direction," said Scarantino.

Under the project, a new southbound entrance will be constructed from westbound Burnt Tavern Road as part of a new roadway that will cross Lanes Mill Road and lead to the highway. The roadway will be constructed behind the Cherrywood Farm development in Brick, which will receive a noise wall to block highway noise for residents. Southbound traffic on the Parkway will exit onto Burrsville Road by way of another roadway that will constructed as part of the project.

There will also be a northbound exit and entrance on Burssville utilizing new roads that will be built.

Herborn Avenue will be extended to support the project as a whole, and the current northbound ramp will be "slid over" in order to create a new Parkway access point near the Park and Ride location, Scarantino said.

The current intersection at the northbound ramp entrance will be eliminated in order to improve traffic flow, he said.

The current estimate for the project is $22 million and is fully funded by the state, with only a few punch list items – which will likely total less than $500,000 – falling under county jurisdiction.

"Much of this came with input from Brick Township, and had to do with traffic flow throughout the town," said Freeholder Jack Kelly.

Kelly said county engineering officials would soon be reaching out to Mayor John Ducey and other recently-elected township officials who may not have been part of the original planning process.
WMS826 March 28, 2014 at 07:02 PM
Chief wahoo....what does government do that you approve of.? There is a need to update these patterns since we now have a maxed out population now as opposed to that of when the exits were built. Would you all want bennies clogging up Herbertsville Rd each weekend once they learn via GPS it is a straight shot to Point without the 35 traffic jams.
Bob Murdoch March 29, 2014 at 06:41 PM
For the love of God, when are they going to make a direct exit on rt. 70 in lakewood? Why dump all the traffic on chambersbridge Rd or burnt tavern road? The DOT has been foisting nightmarish interchanges on us for decades... Anyone try to make a left on to burnt tavern rd? Dive across two lanes of traffic to make a left and hope you don't get tboned. Riverview drive in Brielle? Lets force people into traffic on rt. 70 instead of letting them drive on old bridge rd like they used to be able to do to get to ramshorn drive and make it a one way street.. Huh? It's like they are TRYING to screw traffic up.
BBW March 30, 2014 at 11:00 AM
Bob Murdoch, are you crazy? A south bound exit on Rt 70. For the love of god, you're talking about something practical, uncomplicated. At least the got rid of the Shorrock St turn on 70. Don't you realize how crazy it is to think that the jerks in charge could do something that was right? And, Burnt Tavern Road will turn into a monumental award winning engineering Cluster F**K. I like making a turn at Lowes and driving through the Costco parking lot to get to Shorrock St., I can stop and get gas.
A M March 30, 2014 at 11:12 PM
Maria- FYI, Cherry Quay is not getting a sound wall, Cherry wood which is closer to the Parkway is suppose to be getting one if everything goes through.


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