Mayor: Sea Girt Boardwalk To Open By June 1

Goal is to open boardwalk from Beacon to NY

Mayor’s Website Message to Sea Girt:

Operation Come Back-Sea Girt continues to progress.
Sea Girt Boardwalk Repair - Phase 1 work has started. We awarded the contract for Phase 2. I am comfortable with our goal of opening the Boardwalk from Beacon to NY by not later than 1 June 2013. Please be aware that we are committed to returning Sea Girt to its condition as one of the very best places to live in America.

The Sea Girt Pavilion and Boardwalk area of the Boro on Ocean Ave has been closed to routine traffic due to safety concerns for our residents. To view a copy of the briefing on the Boardwalk presented at our last Council Meeting click here.

There have been many questions on our Beach benches program. - I thank you for all your suggestions and other input. We have appointed a study group to review all options and aspects of the beach benches and plaques program---we will keep you updated as to how we plan to proceed with this very important project.

Safety note: Wreck Pond and the inlet area can be hazardous. The area has sink holes and low visibility at night. Please be careful if in that area, especially during hours of darkness.

Residents in Sea Girt affected by Storm Sandy can rebuild on their property without a DEP or CAFRA permit, so long as the resident does rebuild to the exact footprint, type of structure, or provision of exterior design that was in place prior to Storm Sandy. I strongly suggest you coordinate with our Code Enforcement-Zoning Official as to Sea Girt provisions and Ordinance requirements.
The deadline for disaster assistance through FEMA has been extended through 1 March.

Advisory Base Flood Elevation Map:
-I did meet with both the NJ Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection and FEMA on this issue.
-Right now we have Advisory maps (the actual Maps themselves should be published by FEMA around Labor Day, 2013). Residents are reminded to check their ‘advisory’ Hurricane Sandy Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs) by going to http://www.region2coastal.com/sandy/table
Then go to the section "Check Your Address'' for your current ABFE information.
Public Safety reminder:
Please Drive responsibly. It’s darker earlier this time of year and our children play outside when the visibility is much diminished.

Also, for planning purposes:
The Sea Girt Dog census will be conducted by our crossing guards on March 11, 2013 to completion.
The next Mayor's Coffee - 23 March:
This will be held at 10 AM in Fire Hall. Please join me. We will discuss Operation Come-back and the 2013 Budget.
In matters of mutual concern, I can be reached by email at: mayor@seagirtboro.com

Ken Farrell, Mayor of Sea Girt


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