Manasquan, Belmar Schools' Funding Flat Under Education Adequacy Report

Legislative budget committees pass resolution rejecting administration report; will go to full Assembly, Senate

Legislative Democrats are attempting to force the Christie administration to reverse course on plans to adjust the state's school funding formula to provide less aid to districts with at-risk youth.

The Assembly and Senate Budget Committees approved a resolution Monday that rejects the administration's Educational Adequacy Report, which calls for increasing base spending on all pupils but decreasing extra aid targeted at low-income and limited-English students, NJ Spotlight reports.

“They can’t simultaneously decide to decrease funding to those students requiring the most intensive resources,” Deborah Cornavaca, an organizer with Save Our Schools New Jersey, told NJ Spotlight. “It is simply counter-intuitive.”

The Budget Committees' resolution will go to a vote by the full Assembly and Senate. Should it pass the Legislature, it would require the administration to revise the adequacy report and resubmit it.

report by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services said close to 100 districts would see more aid under the administration's proposal, while 152 would see decreases, NJ Spotlight reported.

Funding to the Manasquan and Belmar school districts would be flat under the administration's Educational Adequacy Report, data shows.

KC January 22, 2013 at 04:44 AM
It isn't counter-intuitive when you consider that the state of Florida did a study demonstrating that it has paid for THREE generations of families for ESL services. That means a student, that student's child and that student's grandchild all did not learn the language. While these Abbott districts recieve the lion's share of monies, our middle class school systems are going down the tubes. Enough! We are tired of pouring monies down the drain for people who refuse to assimilate. At a certain point, you have to take the initiative to learn the language. We are over it. Bienvenido Estados Unidos, ahora HABLA INGLES!!


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