North Jersey Town May Back Marlboro's JCP&L Rate Hike Intervention

West Milford is looking into backing Marlboro's plan to legally intervene the proposed rate hike.

A North Jersey town is thinking about joining Marlboro's legal action to intervene in JCP&L's quest for a rate hike.

West Milford's local government spoke at its council meeting last week about backing the proposal, which would allows townships to join the conversation as the Board of Public Utilities decides whether or not a rate hike is justified.

According to Suburban Trends, West Milford Mayor Bettina Bieri said the suggested $31 million annual rate increase is an opportunity for NJ municipalities to voice their discontent with the electric company's Hurricane Sandy response.

"Overall, there is significant frustration with JCP&L regarding their delayed response for service restoration after each of the recent storms," the West Milford Mayor said, according to Suburban Trends.

Bettina said the council will discuss in February whether or not to back Marlboro.

Marlboro was the first township on record to file a motion to intervene this rate hike in New Jersey.

"I encourage other municipalities to do the same," Hornik said. "JCP&L's performance is not acceptable, and we are going to see what we can do about it."

Marlboro Township Attorney Lou Rainone said the township is looking into a motion to have JCP&L pay the municipalities legal fees, a move that Rainone said has precedence.


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