Obama Campaign Asks NJ Residents to 'Tell the Truth' About Christie

The New Jersey arm of the president's campaign has set up a website asking residents for feedback on Christie.

An email circulated to New Jersey supporters of President Barack Obama is asking residents to "tell the truth" about Gov. Christie, in anticipation of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's possible VP nod to the governor.

The email, sent Wednesday morning by Jackie Cornell-Bechelli, New Jersey State Director of Obama for America, points its recipients to a website, where supporters can fill out a form detailing "what you think people need to know about Chris Christie."

Christie has that he would accept a vice-presidential nomination from Romney.

On July 16 in Manasquan, Christie said he does not expect to be Romney's pick for vice president.

"Hopefully (Romney) picks a smart, well-qualified person who's ready to be president and ready to support him as president," . "Who that's going to be? I don't know. I assume we're going to hear relatively soon what his decision is."

The Obama-Biden website is asking New Jersey residents to "share the facts" about Christie with the rest of America, who may not know the governor as well. 

With the Republican National Convention two weeks away, Romney has kept the buzz about his potential vice president alive. According to NJ.com, there is also speculation Romney will announce Christie as the keynote speaker of this year's RNC.

The full text of the email is below:

What would you say if I told you Mitt Romney is choosing our own Governor Chris Christie for the VP slot on his GOP ticket?

It's time to start thinking about it.

Gov. Christie is on Romney's VP short list and has been for some time. This week his name crept back into the news, and with Romney expected to announce any day now, New Jerseyans have a job to do.

Most Americans don't know much about our governor. If and when Romney selects him, those who know him best -- and that's us, New Jersey -- need to be able to share the truth about Chris Christie from the get-go.

Share what you think Americans need to know about Governor Christie, and why a Romney-Christie administration would be a giant step back for middle-class families.

Your feedback will help hold Christie accountable on the campaign trail, if it should come to that.

As you know, there's no lack of material to work with here. Right now, it's our responsibility to make sure others know what they'd be getting into, too.

Add your voice to the conversation today: http://nj.barackobama.com/Your-Thoughts-on-Christie

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts,

Jackie Cornell-Bechelli
New Jersey State Director
Obama for America


Local Editor Charlie LaPlaca contributed to this story.

L August 12, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Beach_N81v, You are just another sour public employee who is upset that the facts are coming out. I don't know the community you live in but from the comments you sound very bitter. You sure it is not the other way around, that public employee's will shout and attack anyone who disagrees with them. Majority of the residents who care that live in all the towns and the State of NJ is not as dumb as you think. Public sector employment has become a scam. Whoever allowed or promised what they did to all these employees were totally wrong. A system will eventually collapsed, you can't have employees putting only a certain amount of money in during the time or their employment to get it all back when they retire within 2 years or less. Who pays for all the other years that this employee lives. If a Administrator, Teacher or police retires at 55 years of age, they can easily live another 30 years. Who is supposed to absorb all those extra years... I am almost certain that a police can retire even younger. You just can't keep up at this pace. Christie is hear to stay. To many people want him to continue to change the mess that we have gotten in as a state. We do need more accountability amongst all public workers. Public workers need to start seeing the writing on the wall. If they don't like it then I think they should all look for a new job in the private sector and see what they get. I am glad Christies is staying in NJ, We sill need him.
L August 12, 2012 at 04:59 PM
"We STILL need him.
Demi August 12, 2012 at 07:53 PM
Since when has the Patch become an Obama troll? Having all those links in the article is a little too much
Laura August 13, 2012 at 02:20 PM
What exactly has Christie saved for me, the tax payer? He is borrowing money from, is it, the turnpike to balance his budget. How is that different than anyone else that is in office. Borrow Peter to pay Paul. All his cronies down here in the county are all still double and triple dipping. That hasn't changed. Christie wants sports betting in the state. Remember how all the money from the lottery was going to go to schools? How's that working out? Now he wants money from sports betting.
L August 13, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Laura, I do agree. All the Politicians pretty much do the same thing and the reason we have all the problems we do. They all have their own scam and style but we all wind up paying for it in the end. Christie is only changing what he wants to. That is what they all do. It does not matter, look at the lottery...they should be able to support education just on that and what the purpose of the lottery was intended for. That is what happens. There is no accountability anywhere in government including the local levels. They all borrow from accounts they should not. If the government made up a new tax for schools, they would soon be borrowing for that. There is also waste in the schools too. To many jobs given out for their cronies too. They are more concerned with that than the students.


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