Point Pleasant Beach Council Backs Martell's In 'Tables' Dispute, Defying Mayor

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Vincent Barrella had a bone to pick with the longtime boardwalk business, Martell’s Tiki Bar. But council decided to back the long-time popular bar and restaurant, anyway.

Council voted unanimously Tuesday to back Martell's location of tables and chairs on a possibly public section of the boardwalk - seats that can only be used by the business's customers, Barrella said.

Earlier this month, Barrella had addressed a concern with a possible obstruction on the boardwalk involving Martell's.

Barrella explained that during his participation as a judge in the borough’s Easter Parade, he noticed a public section of the boardwalk confined by Martell’s.  According to Barrella, Martell’s had set up tables and fenced off an area of the boardwalk that is paid for by taxpayers.

“They do not have authority to use that property without authorization,” Barrella said then.

But in an attempt to refrain from what he called “nuclear action,” Councilman Stephen Reid had suggested engaging in an ongoing dialogue with Martell’s owners, and reporting back.

Councilman Thomas Vogel and others agreed that a discussion with management, rather than attorney involvement, would be the most productive route.

Rick Ricky May 23, 2014 at 08:10 AM
Mayors, Councilmen and all the formers should be embarrassed. They get on the patch going back and fourth. They fight constantly at council meetings. They wonder why so many residents don't want to get involved. They are constantly fighting and putting the town's dirty laundry out on display all for their own political grandstanding. They are all guilty of charge. People don't want to come to this town for many reasons. It is hard to find a parking space. They look to ticket everyone for every move, way over priced by the businesses. The businesses are not very friendly. They are lucky they are a landmark. The businesses don't care if the customer gets hit after a day of spending a ridiculous amount of money. It is just not worth it. The people that do come wind up getting a ticket and swear they will never come back again. The town and businesses both brag about how much money they bring in from the tourists who are ticketed that covers all the police for the year that most of the police is not needed full time. Bravo.
benny May 23, 2014 at 09:57 AM
Speaking of parking, has anyone noticed the game being played with regards to parking spots on the streets of Central, parkway and Niblick? It seems someone was given marching orders by a certain someone to cut down the number of spots to park. Take a look next time you're there. Many houses that have plenty of room for 2 and 3 spots in front have been limited down to 1. You can even see where the old spots paint used to be only to be covered over by new paint and more yellow paint on the curbs. Hell one house has yellow paint in front of the entire house where 2 spots used to be. Isn't it code that 4 feet is allowed from someone's driveway to the first parking spot? So why has the town given 10 to 12 foot gaps on some certain houses? Something fishy going on. Check it out.
Rick Ricky May 24, 2014 at 04:46 PM
Martells taxes should be evaluated. I heard they pay little taxes for the beach and sweet shop on the Ocean Front.


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