Red Bank Among Towns Fighting Sewage Authority

Several area municipalities are coming together to challenge the Two River Water Reclamation Authority over escalating charges.

Red Bank is joining several area towns to challenge what it believes is an outdated and unfair agreement with its longtime sewage treatment provider the Two River Water Reclamation Authority.

According to Red Bank's council, which is content to let a release do the talking for them, the towns organized after concerns were raised over escalating charges from the TRWRA. A committee was formed to conduct a financial review of the services and charges offered by the TRWRA and as a result the review found potential errors, inconsistencies and overcharges, the release states.

Red Bank is joined in its support along with the Eatontown Sewer Authority, Rumson, Sea Bright, Shrewsbury Township, and Tinton Falls. 

Red Bank Council met in closed session Wednesday as snow from the recent nor'easter had long since started to coat the ground to discuss the issue, ultimately reopening public session and casting a resolution in support of the challenge.

The towns involved in the challenge, known as customer towns - TRWRA has both customer towns and member towns though none of the member towns are involved in the fight - plan on meeting with the authority to discuss terms of an agreement executed more than 45 years ago. The agreement, the release states, is unfair.

The customer towns are hoping legal action won't be required.

The TRWRA is located in Monmouth Beach. Initial attempts to reach the authority for comment were unsuccessful. According to the authority's website, TRWRA's facilities having been damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Subsequent restoration efforts have been taken to return to normal operational mode from emergency mode much of the past two weeks. 

Red Bank Mayor Pat Menna declined to discuss the issue, instead referring questions to Rumson administrator Thomas Rogers.

Fred RBPatch November 09, 2012 at 01:05 PM
I often wondered, "Why is the TRWRA allowed to charge a flat rate per customer, when many other sewer authorities charge per water usage?" I mean, it makes more sense, doesn't it? Those who use more water, use the sewers more... those who use less water, use the sewers less. They can work with the water companies to determine the water usage. Those folks who use well water would need to either a) need to have a meter installed, or b) be charged a flat rate. Why not?
S D sr November 09, 2012 at 02:36 PM
I stopped voting for any Red Bank incumbent because of this sewer fee. My average sewer bill is $ 230.00 per quarter. If I water my garden, my sewer bill goes up. This is leagalized extortion and a cash cow for the town.
george coffenberg November 10, 2012 at 02:07 AM
It's funny that Red Bank is upset with the charges by Two River Sewage Authority but don't care that they over charge their own residents on water and sewer bills. I guess this will cut into their markup of the residents. I am sure the borough officials will figure out another way to tax the residents without calling it a tax.


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