Squan Officials Compile List of Possible Snow Emergency Streets

Borough Council receives list of 13 roads on which to limit parking during snowstorms

Manasquan emergency officials have compiled a list of streets on which they recommend limiting parking during snowstorms, officials said.

The at its Monday work session reviewed the list of 13 streets compiled by officials from the Office Emergency Management, Police and Fire Departments and the Department of Public Works and plans to vote on a resolution next month, officials said.

The council, on recommendation from the borough’s emergency responders, wants to to limit parking to either one side or no sides of the street during snowstorms to allow plows to make room for emergency vehicles, Councilman Edward Donovan has said.

The currently has the authority to limit parking during emergencies, Borough Administrator Joseph DeIorio said, but council members said they wanted to notify residents of what streets will be most likely limited during large snow falls. The council is also leaving open the possibility of a future amendment to the borough’s parking ordinance to permanently enumerate the emergency streets.

“A resolution will let the public know that these are the streets that would be under consideration,” DeIorio said. “At a time when we all feel comfortable that those streets should be permanent, then you would do them through ordinance so that you can enforce them through an actual ordinance prohibiting parking on those certain roads.”

The streets on the list for consideration, according to Donovan, are: Forrest Avenue, Gardners Lane, Allen Avenue, Central Avenue, Blakey Avenue, Curtis Place, North Broad Street, Woodland Avenue, Pearce Avenue, Parker Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Main Street, and Brielle Road.  

Each road on the list, Donovan said, is too narrow to have cars parked on both sides when plows come through.

"Most streets are designated as such because of the width of the street. If you sent a plow down there it would make it very difficult to get the cars out of there and very difficult for emergency equipment to get in," Donovan said.

Councilman Owen McCarthy said the borough should notify residents through email blasts and other forms of communication if and when parking will be limited on certain roads during a snowstorm.

Justin Q December 21, 2011 at 02:45 PM
This is in response to last year's parking debacle after the 3-foot snowstorm. Many roads were barely passable, usually covered in re-frozen roads for the next 2+ weeks. Difficult to park anywhere when you can only pile so much snow on your front lawn. It might be a pain to relocate your car before a storm, but it will avoid headaches later.


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