The Rundown: Monday's 'Squan Council Meeting

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The Manasquan Borough Council on Monday, May 7, lasted roughly three hours, and was the first, and perhaps only, meeting of the year with just five sitting council members after Don Grasso, elected as a Republican, .

Grasso, however, was at Monday's meeting and during a public comment portion the for, he said, ignoring his suggestions while on council. 

The governing body introduced ordinances to increase various police fines and limit parking on certain streets.

It also introduced three bond ordinances that would finance the purchase of new police vehicles, improvements to borough hall, and the demolition of the old Manasquan-Brielle Little League building. 

Several borough employees were promoted Monday, and a few positions were created, as well. 

Here's the rundown: 


The council knocked down a request by Jersey Club Sports to run adult sports leagues on borough land this summer.

The issue was a point of major contention last month when then-Councilman Grasso took the for apparently assuming the deal was alreay done. 

Several residents broke into applause when the governing body denied the club's application. It seemed many had shown up — and a few did — specifically to speak against renting borough land to private companies.

Councilman Mike Mangan said he would like the Public Parks and Property Committee, which he chairs, to review the borough's policy regarding for-profit enterprise use of town land. 

Another pitch from a Belmar-based paddleboard instructor to use the Glimmer Glass marina area was tabled by the council until the governing body crafts a new policy regarding private use of borough property. 


Grasso, who was in the audience during Monday's meeting, used the public comment section of the council's work session — which is reserved for comments and questions pertaining only to matters previously discussed that evening — to tear into Mayor George Dempsey and other council members for not considering the extensive reports he crafted while he was a council member. 

Dempsey, a few minutes in, asked Police Chief Elliott Correia to find an on-duty officer to remove Grasso from the chambers, but the former councilman left on his own accord before any real fireworks went off. 

Councilman Joe Bossone, who apparently took offense to the finger pointing, confronted Grasso face-to-face immediately following the former councilman's remarks, which preceded the governing body's trip to closed session. 

Chief Correia and a resident wedged themselves in between the two men, but the argument dissolved without any physical incident. 


A student filmmaker received permission to shoot his thesis project on Parker Avenue May 24-31.

The NYU student, who rented a house on that street for the duration of filming, said the film would mostly be shot indoors, but one three-minute scene would have to block traffic temporarily. 

The governing body approved the application on condition the filmmaker shot the outdoor scene after Memorial Day weekend. 

Councilman Owen McCarthy said a few Parker Avenue residents had expressed their concerns with the proposed project. 

Council Members Patricia Connolly and Mike Mangan cast the only no votes against the application, which was approved by a slim 3-2 margin. 


A on the proposed is set for May 23 at 6:30 p.m.

The plans are being revised with help from landscape architect Dimitry Levitsky, of Frenchtown, who designed a plan for the plaza a few years ago. 

Residents at a recent council meeting had proposed the governing body consider the Levitsky plan as an alternative to the plan drawn up by the borough's engineering firm, T&M Associates. 

The new plan, which likely won't be unveiled until the May 23 hearing, is expected to be some kind of combination between the two designs. 

Mayor Dempsey said that, if possible, the borough would post the new design on its website ahead of the meeting. 


Borough Administrator Joe DeIorio received a raise of $30,000 for 2012. 

DeIorio serves as both the borough's administrator and its chief financial officer. His $80,000 administrator's salary is unchanged, while he will now make $45,000 (up from $15,000 in 2011) as the borough's financial head. 

DeIorio said after the meeting that the borough actually saves money by having one employee handle both positions, and added that neighboring Point Pleasant Beach, which also has the same employee do both jobs, still spends more than Manasquan. 

DeIorio's total 2012 salary, retroactive to Jan. 1, is now $125,000. 


Borough Policeman Greg Restivo was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Restivo's 2012 salary for the position, effective May 7, is $102,713 per year. 

Robert Wagner III was also promoted from provisional to permanent police officer, effective May 7. His salary is unchanged. 


Paul Capotorto, Esq., was appointed the borough's new municipal court judge, filling the position by retired Judge Mark Apostolou. 

Caporto's three-year appointment will pay an annual salary of $30,000. 


The governing body introduced an ordinance that would create two new borough employee positions -- a senior payroll clerk and a payroll clerk. 

The employees would work under the borough's CFO, Joe DeIorio. 


A $67,500 bond ordinance was introduced to purchase three police SUVs. 

After a cash down payment of $3,375, the difference of $64,125 would be financed. 


The council introduced another bond ordinance that would appropriate $30,000 for improvements inside Borough Hall. 

The project would upgrade the building's ventilation system, replace some carpeting and furniture and add a security gate the a stairwell leading to the police department's locker room. 

The borough would bond $28,500 of the cost after a cash down payment of $1500. 


A bond ordinance was introduced to finance the demolition of the old Little League building on Second Avenue. 

The estimated cost is $10,000 -- $500 of which would be a cash down payment, while the remaining $9500 would be financed. 


The governing body introduced an ordinance amending certain fines for various offenses in town. 

Anyone convicted of consuming alcohol in public, public nudity, indecent exposure and urinating in public, would face a $400 fine. 


The council also introduced an ordinance amending its parking enforcement code. 

The amendment says that the time limits on parking in town would not reset or start over if the vehicle is moved to a different parking spot on the same street or if the vehicle leaves and returns at a later time during the specified hours of the day. 


That's the rundown. We'll have more in-depth stories on many, if not all, of these items throughout the week. 

Justin Q May 08, 2012 at 04:38 PM
nice work Charlie, a lot of good info listed here, thanks
Charlie LaPlaca May 08, 2012 at 04:45 PM
My pleasure. Thanks.
Rob M May 08, 2012 at 06:14 PM
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Charlie LaPlaca May 09, 2012 at 04:05 AM
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