BOE Candidate Profile: Eric Schubiger

The greatest challenge facing the school district is providing high quality education at an affordable cost, incumbent Eric Schubiger says

As Election Day nears, Lacey Patch is profiling the candidates for the Board of Education and township Committee. This is the final profile before elections. Return to Lacey Patch later for an Election guide.

Candidate Name: Eric Schubiger
Age: 39
Address: 1513 Daytona Road, Forked River
Occupation: Assistant Township Manager in East Windsor Township
Marital Status: Married with three children.

Eric Schubiger, a former Lacey Township student, is seeking re-election to the school board.

After starting his first term in 2003 to help serve his very own school district, the board vice president hopes to continue his work.

“I am seeking re-election because the constantly changing requirements and expectations of school districts calls for experienced and dedicated community members and there remains much work to be done,” he said.

Schubiger is running with incumbent Maureen Tirella with community activist Regina Discenza also on the ballot.

“I am qualified to be a member of the school board because I am able to identify and address many different types of issues which face our school district and community,” Schubiger said.

Rather than focusing on one particular issue, Schubiger’s goal is work with his board colleagues while seeking public input, fostering a team approach to governance, he said.

“Good governance involves working as a team which includes my fellow board members, administration and faculty, students, parents, State and local officials, and all community members,” he said. “A solid team approach to public governance will continue to help our school district move forward.”

High Quality Education at an Affordable Cost

The greatest challenge facing the school district is providing high quality education at an affordable cost, Schubiger said.

“Lacey residents should vote for me because I am dedicated to making our community better, and I will continue to strive for a public education that is both high quality and affordable,” Schubiger said.

The Lacey community deserves an “outstanding” school system at the lowest possible cost, he said, and to achieve that, the district needs to seek input from its stakeholders.

“Students, parents, faculty and every member of our community have unique perspectives which must be included in school district planning,” he said.

Additionally, the school district needs to seek ways to reduce costs and increase funding through communication with state officials, monitoring expenditures and securing alternative funding resources, he said.

The district’s green incentives, such as the solar energy project, have reduced energy costs while also generating more than $3,000,000 in revenue, he said, calling it “a great example of forward thinking.”

The school district continues to be burdened by a trend of unfunded state mandates and the inability of the state to develop an adequate school funding formula, he said.

Schubiger plants to work with his colleagues on the school board to lobby state officials to reward successful school districts, he said.

The district has done a “tremendous” job in maintaining the school portion of the local tax rate, he said, maintaining the tax rate for two years and reducing it another, he said.

Schubiger credits the sale of renewable energy credits, reviewing health care plan options and negotiating fair contracts, he said.

“I will continue to focus on providing a high quality and affordable public education for the Township of Lacey,” Schubiger said. 

Student Achievement

Moving forward, student achievement is an area that can always use improvement, he said.

“In Lacey, the programs are in place for students to succeed. Recently, the school district has made much progress in creating a better environment for student achievement at all grade levels,” he said.

Schubiger is proud to be a part of a school board that has launched several technology upgrades, implemented new math and reading curricula for elementary students, increased language arts and math instruction time for middle school students, created online learning opportunities for high school students, implemented green initiatives and enhances extracurricular activities for students, he said.

To continue working towards higher student achievement, the district can improve on effectively communication to its students and parents about the opportunities available, Schubiger said.

“Our current technology upgrades should assist with this pursuit, but I will work to ensure that our programs are communicated to the entire community in a clearer fashion,” he said.

The district is also currently offering a pilot program for full day kindergarten at each of its elementary schools, he said.

“I am committed to making sure that full day instruction is offered to all of our kindergarten students as soon as possible,” Schubiger said. “I do not support any of our students being subjected to a lottery system.”

Schubiger also looks forward to the district performing a complete audit of its sports field and playgrounds to determine any areas in need of refurbishment.

“Between physical education classes, recess, and after school activities, these resources are utilized by thousands of students for several hours each and every day. The hours spent at these facilities are an important part of a student's learning environment,” he said.

Although proud of all that the school board has accomplished, after three terms, there is more than needs to be done.

“Lacey Township is a great place to live and I am grateful to be a part of a team that is committed to making it even better,” he said.


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