Lacey Residents Express Appreciation to Their Teachers

Ms. Gurgacz and Ms. Granahan among the favorites

Earlier this week we asked you to express your appreciation for Lacey teachers by sharing stories about one who has made an impact on your life. 

After receiving many comments and responses, with no doubt Lacey has some outstanding teachers.

So on the last school day of Teacher Appreciation Week, lets give those teachers one last cyber round of applause and celebrate all that they do. 

Below are some the responses submitted to Lacey Patch. Feel free to add your favorite stories and teachers in the comment section below.

My favorite Lacey teacher would be Ms. Gurgacz because she is a good teacher. She explains everything thoroughly and she cares about the kids and their happiness. She makes school worth going to.

There is also another teacher, Mrs. Fitzgibbon. She has helped me through a lot this year. She wants the best for the kids she knows. I feel as if I'm more then just a student to her. I feel as if she considers me one of her own children.

-Megan Willitts, 10th Grade, Lacey Township High School


My daughter has a favorite teacher. Her name is Mrs. Fenton from Cedar Creek School. She has tought her how to read, laugh and be a little girl. Mrs. Fenton has been a great inspiration to my daughter. She can't talk enough about her. I give a "way to go" to such a special teacher in my daughter's life. Way to go Mrs. Fenton!

-Amber Skellinger


For Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to talk about Mrs. Granahan. She is a sixth grade teacher at Mill Pond Elementary School and I can honestly say that she changed the way I perceive things and the way I think about life and its concept. I am in eight grade now and I still keep in touch with her through email. She has been a huge influence on my life.

Because of her, I love to write, and her teaching inspired me to write a book. No, it's not published or anything, but she taught me the foundation of writing and I built up on it from there.

She has an optimistic attitude about everything 110 percent of the time. On the first few days of school, she gave us an analogy: You can either be the red medicine ball, the black medicine ball, or the brown one (I don't remember her exact words, but it was somewhere along the lines of this). The red medicine ball was the smallest, black was next in size, and the brown was the largest. By 'being a medicine ball,' she was referring to our level of achievement throughout the year. I have gone on to be a 'brown medicine ball' because of her teaching.

I believe she is the most devoted teacher I have ever had. She really connects with her students and pushes them to their full potential and has them reveal what they can really do with the knowledge they receive. Mrs. Granahan would never turn down a student's question, no matter how 'stupid' the question was. She is a firm believer in Confucius and ancient quotes and sayings. She is not phony in any way, shape, or form. My class threw her a surprise birthday party because she was such an awesome teacher. She did what she could do for us and we returned the favor. Mrs. Mary Granahan is by far the most inspirational teacher I have ever had. I can say that over and over again and believe it every time. 

-Adelina DiPalo, Eight Grade, Lacey Middle School


Mr. Saxton by far is/was the best teacher!!!! I believe he is no longer in Lacey High school, which is too bad because he really cared about us kids.

-PeopleAnnoyMe, Lacey Patch User


Mr. King by far!

-Maggie Rac, Lacey Patch User


Mrs. Hopson!

-Gavin Rozzi, Lacey Patch User


I would have to say Mr. and Mrs. Dorso. They made such an impact on me and my son when we were in school.

-Lori Gildersleeve Smith, Lacey Patch User


Mr. Saxton and Mrs. Ferenc were the best teachers...No one could top them!!!

-Tallie10, Lacey Patch User


There are really too many to name. From Mrs. Haskell to Mr. Kilmurray to Mr. Germain and Mr. Geiger, Lacey has been full of wonderful teachers for decades now.

-John J. Coan, Lacey Patch User


Ms. Gurgacz, Mrs. Fitzgibbon, Mr. Adamczyk, Ms. Thomas, the list really does go on.

-Megan Willitts, Lacey Patch User


Mrs. Lacalandra was the best teacher I have ever had. She put more care and love into each one of her students than I have ever seen. Not only was she a great teacher, she was an amazing mentor and I could never repay her for all she had done for me. I know she has since changed her name but Ms. L (as we called her) will be one of the best parts of my high school experience.

-Chris MhLampe, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Mrs Bergquist. Lanoka Harbor elementary!! Love Her!!!!

-Kathy Kennedy Murray, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Mr. Verity- smartest and funniest teacher I have ever had.

-Justin Batalla, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Mr. Hickman changed my life.

-Scott Klingner, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Of all the teachers I substituted for in the Lacey District, the students were very disappointed when Mr. Saxton was absent. The students loved and respect him.

-Betsy Verge, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Mrs. Romanowski...Special Needs teacher at Cedar Creek...She is patient, kind and does her job so well. My son had her for several years and the great progress he has made was due in large part to the way Mrs. Romanowski runs her class room and the connection she has with her students.

-Tracey Cavanaugh Collins, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Mrs Degnan...Cedar Creek. Can't say enough about her and what she did for my daughter. She is an incredible woman. Feel the same about Mrs Sadowski. Incredible as well.

-Kristen Jennifer, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


David Leonard from Lanoka Harbor Elementary. He loves and enriches each student to the best of his ability. I am even requesting him for my second child.

-Dana Sulvinski DiBella, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page


Mrs. Peck. Truly a stand out special needs teacher. Without her I would of been lost. Thank you Mrs. Peck. Josh's mom.

-Connie Logan-Martino, on the Lacey Patch Facebook Page

LaceyLady May 11, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Definitely Mrs. Hopson from Lacey Township High School - she treats the students as she would her own children. You can tell that she truly loves what she does, and the students are flourishing because of her. Also a noteworthy mention, EVERYONE loves and adores Miss Cook, the substitute teacher!!!
Sharon Dominy May 11, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Mr. Saxton was my most memorable teacher. I still have the positive and inspiring one page letter he wrote to me. My son, Michael, loves all the teachers he has had at Millpond: Mrs. Rittner (she could do no wrong in my son's eyes and never wants to disappoint her), Mrs. Hodgson, Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Sloan, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Pope. Sharon Dominy and Michael Ofsanko Junior
catherine May 12, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Mr. Saxton was one of the best teachers I've ever had but my favorite by far was Mr. Verity, he made learning interesting and honestly cared for his students. You can always tell the teachers who are their because they love what they do and the ones that are there for just the job
MetsFan21 May 13, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Ms. Fiduccia is by far the best teacher ever! It is obvious that she truly enjoys teaching. She's extremely easy to talk to, and without a doubt the most understanding teacher ever! Because of her, a history teacher, i can now write a great essay and effectively study for any subject. She understands kids and teaches in a way that makes it easy for us to understand any topic brought up. Her passion for teaching helps motivate her students to want to learn. If the rumors of her getting fired are true, then Lacey High school is losing one of the best teachers there are!
YanksFan20 May 15, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Every word that MetsFan21 said, is completely true! Ms. Fiduccia is the most caring and passionate teacher in the High school. Firing Ms. Fiduccia would be the biggest mistake made by the new superintendent. She needs to rethink that horrible decision immediately! Why would they fire her, but still put an add on the school page for a new history teacher? It makes no sense! Ms. Fiduccia is the best EVER! She rocks! Keep her at Lacey!


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