Point Pleasant Boro Officials To Become 'Teachers For A Day'

Mayor William Schroeder
Mayor William Schroeder

A number of community leaders will serve as "Teachers for a Day" in the Point Pleasant Boro School District on Wednesday, May 28.

These community leaders accepted an invitation from the Point Pleasant Education Association to spend a day in a classroom to learn first-hand about the job of teaching.

They include Mayor William Schroeder, Assemblyman David Rible, Town Council Members Christopher Leitner and Bob Sabosik and Board of Education President Ricardo Ruiz. 

“The Teacher for a Day program presents an excellent opportunity for members to see what today’s students and schools are all about,” said Lorraine Griffin, PPEA President.  Education has changed greatly over the last decade, and it is important for the community to understand those changes in order to plan effectively for meeting the future needs of Point Pleasant students.

Guest teachers will spend an entire day in the classroom and get to experience a full day of school activities under the guidance of a cooperating teacher.  The guest teachers will also be developing their own lesson plans with the help of that teacher.

The Point Pleasant Education Association thanks the participants of the Teacher for a Day program for setting aside personal time to demonstrate their commitment to the teachers and students of this community.

The complete list of guest teachers, their cooperating teachers, and their school assignments is on the following page.  The press is welcome to visit these classrooms and to interview the guest teachers at a reception held at 4:00 in the Point Pleasant Boro High School library at the end of the school day. 

Teacher for a Day Schedule

School Hours:

Nellie Bennett Elementary School       8:35 – 3:30

Ocean Road Elementary School                       8:05 – 2:55

Memorial Middle School                      7:20 – 2:15

Pt. Pleasant Borough High School        7:45 – 3:00

High School:

David Wolfe (Assemblyman) with Mary Ann Billerman (History)

Michael Warner (Chiropractor) with Susan Kuper (11th Grade English)

Middle School:

William Schroeder (Mayor) with Elizabeth Stupar (6th Grade Math)

Ricardo Ruiz (Bd of Ed President) with Jean Marie Solinski (6th, 7th, 8th, Grade Art)

Joe Leone (Owner of Joe Leone’s) with Sara Martorana (6th Grade Social Studies)

David Rible (Assemblyman) with Jennifer Moramarco (6th Grade Math)

Ocean Road:

Robert Sabosik (Town Council Member) with Pamela Dease (1st Grade)

Christopher Leitner (Town Council Member) with Kathleen Lohnes (4th Grade)

Jeffrey Johnson (Police Officer) with Alicia Scalabrini (2nd Grade) 

Nellie Bennett:

Peter Hetzel (Board of Ed Member) with Deanne Glenn (Kindergarten)

Note:  Lorraine Griffin, PPEA President, and Courtney Fisher, Teacher for a Day Chairperson, will be traveling from building to building on this day.  In addition, Christa Blauvelt will be available at Nellie Bennett, Karen Hoffmaster will be available at Ocean Road, Jen McManus will be available at Memorial Middle School, and Emily Bergmann will be available at the high school in case you need assistance.  When you arrive at each building, identify yourself in the main office and ask for the room numbers of the teachers you’d like to visit.  Also, please feel free to join us at our post-program reception in the high school library at 4:00 for more opportunities to cover this event.


Tom Junior May 13, 2014 at 04:26 PM
Do I get to keep my kids at home that day? I don't want any politicians corrupting them and dumbing them down.
Laura May 14, 2014 at 09:12 AM
I was thinking that the students could teach them basic math.


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