Thurs., Sept. 6, is First Day of School for Point Boro Students

Point Beach students go back on Wed., Sept. 5

Point Borough public school students are not going back to school until Sept. 6, the Thursday after Labor Day.

That may come as a bit of a surprise to some Borough parents, who have become accustomed to school re-opening on the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor Day.

Schools Superintendent Vincent Smith said on Monday that the only reason students are not due back until Thurs., Sept. 6, is because the district is conducting professional development for teachers on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day.

Teacher contracts call for four days of professional development. The district will provide the last two in June after students leave for the summer, Smith said.

Teacher contracts mandate that teachers do not officially return to work until Sept. 1, Smith said. (However, most teachers work in their classrooms during at least part of August to prepare for returning classes.)

Because Sept. 1 is a Saturday this year, it was not possible to conduct professional development sessions prior to Labor Day, which is Sept. 3, Smith said.

Last year, students went back to school on the Wednesday after Labor Day because the district was able to provide one day of staff development prior to the Labor Day weekend, Smith said.

For more information on the school calendar, including Back to School nights and Picture Days, which are scheduled for September, see the calendar page of the district website.

Point Beach public school students are going back on Wed., Sept. 5. For more information on the Point Beach school calendar, see attached PDF.


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