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Jenkinson's May Be Only Open Beach in Point Beach on Sunday

Martell's, Risden's, Bradshaw's and Maryland Avenue beaches will not be guarded


Jenkinson's beach may be the only beach in Point Pleasant Beach that has lifeguards on Sunday.

On Friday, Marilou Halvorsen, Jenkinson's Marketing Director, said the plan was to have lifeguards working on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

Because Jenkinson's other businesses, including rides and eateries, will be open, there will be bathrooms open.

Lifeguards and police have consistently implored the public not to venture into the ocean at unguarded beaches. That warning applies today when predictions are that rough surf will continue and, as of Sunday morning, there was a rip current warning.

A staff member at Martell's said there is no plan to have lifeguards manning the beach at Martell's on Sunday. However, its restaurants, bathrooms and other operations are open.

At Risden's on Saturday afternoon, staff members were moving lifeguard chairs into one of the white buildings for winter storage, as rough surf surged fast and furiously beyond the beach.

Mike Woods, Risden's Beach manager, said Risden's will not have lifeguards working or bathrooms or eateries open until next summer. Surf Taco at the south end of the boardwalk was shuttered.

AquaServ will not have lifeguards manning the Maryland Avenue and Bradshaw beaches on Sunday. The portable toilets at the Maryland Avenue beach were removed after Labor Day.

If you don't mind driving further south, beaches will be guarded at Island Beach State Park on Sunday, when the is scheduled.

The weather forecast (as posted at 5 p.m. Saturday) for Sunday is mostly sunny, a high of 78 and only 20 percent chance of rain.

Old Guy September 09, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Not a great day to have no life guards on duty. The Coastal Hazard Statement as of 6:23 AM EDT on September 09, 2012 says "... High rip current risk in effect through this evening... " . Let's hope those of us who understand the danger, will make others aware, and keep loved ones out of the surf.


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