Have Cancer? Think Twice Before Getting Chemo

If you've come down with cancer, you need to seriously consider other options. Chemo "therapy" is not worth the risk, and can end up causing more trouble than it's worth. Read on for more.

It's the first thing our lovely medical technocracy will try and sell you on the minute you're diagnosed: a daring regiment of chemo "therapy".

You see, to the employees begetted by our corrupt system that shuns innovative and safe treatments, as soon as you're diagnosed, a price tag is put over your head.

The technocrats ask themselves "How much can we squeeze out of this one?"

And then comes the fear-mongering...

"If you don't take our Cchemo and radiation (bad thing) will happen!" 

"You're a bad parent if you don't get her chemo!" and the list goes on and on.

Contrary to popular thought, Chemo and the conventional route is not your only option when facing a cancer diagnosis, in fact, chemo and radiation do more harm than good.

As shown by numerous examples and unfortunate cases, chemo is actually quite dangerous. Mitotane, a popular form of it, is actually derived from the banned pesticide compound, DDT. Some other cases are much more serious. A little girl given chemo ended up with second-degree chemical burns that made her go deaf at the age of 6. A baby shot up with chemo could not even have its diapers changed by their parents ... because the urine was toxic as a result of the chemo.

A new phenomenon in the cancer industry is even more disturbing — some doctor and nursing staff have been coming down with, you guessed it, cancer, over being exposed to the chemo drugs secondhand.

Genius! Who would have thought? Let's inject more cancer causing chemicals to fix the problem of cancer! Sounds a lot like US monetary policy, but that's for another day.

So ask yourselves this, Why would a supposed solution actually have side effects that make the condition worse? The cold truth is that no matter how many walks you go on, or how much "pink" junk you buy, the "war on cancer", just like the "war on terror" is never meant to be won. It's just too darn profitable for the corporate oligarchs.

Look to alternate treatments, such as antineoplastons offered by the famous Burzynski clinic and look to other alternatives. The juice of the "Sour Sop" or graviola fruit is what chemo has been trying (and failing to mimic). That fruit can kill cancer over 10,000 times better than chemo, as proven by scientific research.

Please, don't become the next victim of our for-profit medical gang. You deserve better.

Until next time...

Uncle Moe

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LaceyLady October 01, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Uncle Moe! I love your style. You tell it like it is even in the face of ignorance. How do you do it?
patricia doyle October 17, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Eight years ago, I was in the recovery room of New York Presbyterian, having just had an excisional biopsy for suspected breast cancer. I began chatting with the lead nurse, a young woman, very professional, very nice. We were really getting along, when all of a sudden, very quietly under her breath, she said "If you have this [cancer], do your homework before you let them give you chemo." What???? It seems that, at a very young age, she was already a breast cancer survivor. She explained that chemo destroys your immune system, which is exactly what you need to build up to fight this dreaded disease. I came through everything OK (thank you God), but I will always remember her words. I am not a medical doctor, but if you ever have to undergo this experience, all I can say is . . . do your homework.


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